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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by aquabugs, Nov 14, 2005.

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    Hello all

    I think I know pretty well what your responses will be, but I wanted to put this out there.

    I am off on disability (policy bought through work)that was supposed to be short term but now looks like it will be indefinite. I'm still waiting for my first check (been off since September 6) but that is another problem. LOL

    I got a call last week from a registered nurse who said she wanted to talk to me about a program the disability company offers at no cost to me. She said that if I wanted to participate, she would be calling about every two weeks to talk to me about how I was doing.

    She said that she had nothing to do with denying or approving my disability claim. She would just be calling to talk to me about how I was doing and what treatment my doctor was doing.

    She said that she might from time to time suggest treatments the doctor might want to try based upon the most up to date research. She said the purpose of case management is to get me feeling better and back to work as soon as possible.

    She repeated that the program is voluntary and that she would be in contact with adjusters and disability company personnel.

    She asked what medications I am taking and if the doctor has talked to me about the proper activity level I should be engaging in. She told me it sounded like the doc was doing the proper things for my treatment.

    I told her I wasn't sure it was something I wanted to participate in as it seemed that it might conflict with my doctor's treatment plan. I told her I had to think about it.

    Now, I don't consider myself normally to be a paranoid person. But it seems that it may just be a way for the disability company to keep close tabs on me.

    I don't enjoy feeling this way and I would sure rather be functioning and working. But I also don't plan to be forced back to work prematurely. I worked myself nearly into the ground before I admitted I couldn't do it any longer.

    I just feel like this "program" is a ploy by the disability company. I mean, what if she says that on the day she talked to me, I sounded perfectly fine or she suggests that I drive 50 miles to do aqua therapy and I can't do it. It seems that she might be able to say I am not following the recommended treatment plan and they might deny my claim on her say-so.

    I love registered nurses. They work hard and are very knowledgeable. (So all you nurses out there, please don't blast me) But I found a very good rheumatologist who is very knowledgeable and I don't think it would be wise for me to let a nurse who works for the insurance company to dictate my treatment over him.

    So tell me, am I just being paranoid? What does this sound like to you?

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts and replies.
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  2. Bailey-smom

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    It is nice to have someone help but I have that nagging "what if" at the back of my head as well. Lately life has just made me more cynical - isn't it too bad we have to be this way?

    Maybe discuss it with your dr even though we know what he will say - lol.

    Good luck!

  3. Jen102

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    then I would say, "go for it." Shake a stick at it, or jump in the cage. If you would exercise caution around these, then I would do the same with the disability insurance company. They fight dirty. There is a lot of medical research out there which may in the future be found to be incorrect. She can probably find some study that says you should exercise so many minutes per day. If you don't do it, then are you failing to do the things (or get medical treatment) that could enable you to return to work? Also, how well do you think your doctor will like it when the insurance company starts directing your medical care and telling your doc what to do? What if they chase your doc off because he doesn't like dealing with them, and then you have no supporting doc. I wouldn't touch this with a 10 foot pole. Blessings to you. Jen102

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