Opinion vs. Fact

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  1. gapsych

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    I found the following interesting. http://mcckc.edu/longview/ctac/opinion.htm

    I am not saying that either opinion or fact is better, as they each have their place. However, it is important to know the difference between the two and which one (or both) makes sense in context with what you are saying.



    Does the author use words that interpret or label, such as:
    pretty, ugly, safe, dangerous, evil, attractive, well-dressed, good, and so on?

    Are there words that clue you to statements of opinion, such as:
    probably, perhaps, usually, often, sometimes, on occasion, I believe, I think, in my opinion, I feel, I suggest?

    Can you identify differing opinions and their effect on the author's views?

    Does the truth of the premise depend on us accepting a certian definition of key words or concepts? Has the author defined the conditions for using the concepts?


    Can the fact be verified by direct observation?

    Can the facts be trusted? How did the author come to the facts?

    Does the author have the skill and experience to make such a statement?

    Are the facts presented in an objective manner? (any bias evident or suspected?)

    Does the author make clear the sources of statements from authorities? Are these authorities reliable?

    Can the study which generates the facts be duplicated?

    Are the facts relevant to the point being made?

    Have unfavorable or negative points been left out? (are there counter-studies?)

    Do the facts prove the claim being made or do they merely suggest that the claim is reasonable?
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  2. Spinetti

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    I recall reading somewhere:

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but they aren't entitled to their own facts.
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    I like the quote, spinetti...and gap, good points

    rt now I am furious at the abundance of things I have been reading by people spewing their version of "facts" left and rt w/o even attempting to get things rt or to verify them

    personally, I always try to make sure that what I am claiming as fact has been verified, and verified more than once.....if it hasn't, then I say that it hasn't, or I say that some people believe this, or that there is a correlation, but not necessarily proof of a cause, or whatever will clarify further where the info is coming from, if it's my opinion, then I say that it's my opinion, and if it is pure speculation, then I say that, too

    sure it is possible for people to make honest mistakes and even if you trust the source, it is still good to double check, but so much of the misinformation that is being spread is so obviously getting shared bc people feel the need to know everything about everything or at least appear to do so.....and so much of the inaccurate info that gets spread causes a lot of harm (which is why I am so mad about it)
  4. gapsych

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    I like your article even better than mine. That's my opinion, LOL!!

    I do think it is important to realize that opinion is fine but state it as an opinion.

    As your article says it does not have its place according to the rules of debate.

    In other situations, yes.

    But why does there always have to be a right or wrong? I guess that would be more of a discussion or a learning situation etc.

    Thanks for your article.

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