Opinion, Wouldn't this Help at the Pharmacies?

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    Recently, my son was diagnosed with allergies. His doctor wrote up FOUR prescriptions. I asked the allergist if he really had to write up a separate script for the same thing the pediatrician wrote a script for? He said he did.

    GRRRRR! I knew it would happen one day. I have been to the pharmisist (it's an in-clinic, 100% covered pharmacy, so I don't go anywhere else) soooo many times in the past two years.

    Back and forth when my doctor was trying out different scripts to help me. Back and forth when the dentist was treating me. Back and forth when my son got sick over and over.

    Then when I handed the pharmicist (a nice guy, really,) these FOUR new scripts, he finally broke and said, "Wow! You get a lot of prescriptions!"

    I just sighed. The thing is -- we get a bad rep because we can't take prescription that don't work for us BACK to the pharmacy. We also cannot take any leftovers from a single illness back. What if we could?

    They could count the pills, measure the liquids, record what we return, destroy them,...

    ... and then note in our file whatever the reason, "Doctor replaced with xyz medication," "Patient was sensitive to this," "Removed from this script because of conflict with another script." Whatever. At least our reputations would remain in tact!

    The last time my son was sick, I told the pediatrician which medications I still had -- since his illnesses were so close, I figured I could I just use what was left (excluding the antibiotics, of course, which were used up.) But the pediatrician said, "Why? Why not just take the prescriptions? That way you'll have extra."

    Extra?! Extra?! I think at last count I'm up to SEVEN bottles of children's Motrin (this they give free in the office.) I'm up to TWO bottles of prescription cough syrup. Each does is just a 1/2t., so it would take 3-4 colds to use up one bottle. Ugh!

    I won't go on, but you get the picture.

    Yes, I want to have more than enough, but there is such a thing as too much.

    When I walked out of my own appointment last time, I ended up with a HUGE bottle of Ibuprofin! I mean, it was the biggest brown bottle I've ever seen! I certainly appreciate the gesture, but I don't know if I'll even be able to use it all up before the expiration date ;)!

    I'd certainly be willing to drive in for a refill now and then if it could save my reputation.

    I think, too, of all the sleep meds my doctor tried. Each time one didn't work out, he told me, just dispose of them yourself.

    When I saw my medical chart with a list of script after script after script, I was embarrassed. Someone could say I kept and used them all! Or the could say I sold them on the streets! So NOT!

    I think because the pharmacies lack a disposal process, many of us are being perceived as druggies when we should not be.

    Does anyone know of a drug disposal process that I don't know of? Because this is really starting to annoy me. I'm not ashamed of the prescriptions I really do take, or my son takes, but I am embarrassed at the WRONG impression our records give.

    I wonder if a disposal process is doable? What do you think of this idea?
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    If you already have the meds at home that are the exact same thing, you don't have to take a new prescription. My doctor even told me I could keep antibiotics that my son couldn't use up. He said they would last about six months. They are all different though.

    If you don't want a new bottle of something you have at home, tell the doctor you have and don't need a new one. Most meds are good about one year, but check with the pharmacy, they will know for sure.

    Ibuprofin will last a long time also, it should say on the bottle how long they are good for if they are over the counter ones.

    When I want to throw out meds I dispose of the liquid or pills down the toliet, that way an animal or child will not get them from the trash. My doctor told me that one.

    Also if you want, ask the pharmasit if he can dipose of them for you. Then he would know that you don't take everything he gives you.

    But it is none of his business how much you are getting.

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    i don't worry about the millions i i've tried and hadd allergic reactions...not my fault...

    elastic ust the toilet and flush any down that you do not want...i threw some in the garabage emptied out the bottles and threw them in diffeernt bags...

    and into a dumpster it goes... they will get all wet and nasty.....you can take them back to pharmacy if you want and tell them dispose of the..