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    I am getting kind of desperate now. I have not been diagnosed with Lyme yet . My LLMD is leaving his practice and I have no where to go. He hasn't diagnosed me with Lyme yet. I believe it is. My Igenex was IGM all negative but Igg band 41+++, 31 IND( confirmation test was negative) and band 39IND. My cd-=57 was 21. I have been sick since childhood. I am now 60 years old. I am definitely getting worse, especially my GI problems, now muscle pains and joint problems, fatigue. These past 2 days I have had bad skin sensitiviy on my left hand up through my left arm. I have only had this once before but I also get sharp pains anywhere and my nose is twitching on and off. MOst of the Dr.s here are not taking new patients. WE don't have much money but I guess I could still see an LLMD. I just want to find someone to help me. I'd be willing to try an antibiotic for a while. Cats Claw gave me severe vertigo after 2 hours of taking just one drop. Any suggestions? It is much appreciated. Thanks, Jess
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    I can understand your frustration and desperation.

    If you have not already done so, I would go to lymenet.org and click on flash discussion, then click on "seeking a doctor"...register your info for free, and then post a question on the 'seeking a doctor" board something like this..."Need a LLMD in Ohio"...or wherever you are.

    Someone will send you a private message with name of LLMD's in your state. That may help you find another LLMD.

    You definitely need to see a good LLMD and not just any Dr, who won't understand all this, and won't have a clue how to properly treat you if you have lyme.

    So, if I were you, my first step would be to find another LLMD who is reasonably close to where you live, and make an appt with him ASAP.

    Is your present LLMD going to see you again before he leaves his practice? If so, try to pin him down or at least talk to him on the phone, about whether he thinks you have lyme or not. Discuss your western blot results with him, band by band, and also your CD 57 results and your history and symptoms, again.

    If he has seen you already, he must have an opinion one way or the other.

    Have you also ruled out viral issues?

    Good luck to you!