opinions on theracane, body buddy, etc...

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  1. eggshel344

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    hi all-

    has anyone had any experience (good or bad) with any of these self-massage theapy tools, the thera-cane or the better body buddy or any others?

    Just wondering...

  2. nancyneptune

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    Yes, I have a thera-cane. I've had it at least 6 years and it works wonderfully for the back and back of my neck. I live alone, and can't reach my lower back and it's great for kneading the knotted muscles anywhere on your body.

    I sit in my recliner while watching tv and have it wrapped around my neck, sometimes I fall asleep with it holding my head up,lol. I don't mean literally wrapped around my neck, sinc it's hard, but I have the hook part still touching the rhomboid or my neck.

    This is the only piece of equipiment that I have used consistantly over the years, it's worth the money.
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  3. ibisgirldc

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    I love my theracane and keep one at home and one at the office. I even just bought one for my grandmother. But I use it for shoulder pain related to an injury and not along my arms and legs where most of my FM pain is. Frankly, I think I'd find it too painful to use there. But for knots in the neck, back, and shoulder, it's a wonderful thing!!!

    I'd also recommend this item for anyone with FM: http://www.nikkenwellness.co.nz/products/1.cfm?PROD_ID=1330 (I don't sell these and have zippo to do with the company. Just a fan.) They're not cheap, but you can do decently on Ebay. It's a magnetic rubber roller with nubs all over it. I don't care about that magnetic hullaballoo, don't believe in it one bit. But the magnets make the thing perfectly weighted (unlike other products that look like this but are empty plastic shells). In the AM when I wake up and feel like my legs can't move, I use this on the thighs and calves, etc. It helps with the circulation, massages them, and basically allows me to get out of bed. When I travel, I take both this and the theracane with me...

    Finally, I recently bought a shiatsu massager chair pad from the Discovery Store. Love it. My boyfriend loves it, too! We take turns sitting in the arm chair and it really gets into the back knots. Problem for us FM folks is that it sort of bruises and thus I can't use it too often, but it feels really good when my shoulders need loosening and the other toys (including the boyfriend ;) ) aren't doing the trick.

    Hmmmm, maybe I'll post the magnetic thing in a separate thread...
  4. Muddieanne

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    I have several of them which I keep in the freezer.I use them all day on my neck.They are a tremendous help to me.

    For those who don't know, they look like long socks with blue corded handles on both ends. The "sock" is filled with rice,I think. They can be put in the microwave for those who are helped by heat.

    I know some of you have sewn them yourselves. I wouldn't dare try because I'd probably sew my fingers together. I buy them at Walgreen's.

    They can't be washed so I buy a new one when the oldest gets funky looking.

    I have a Thera-Cane but find it too painful to use.

  5. Juloo

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    I use it mostly on my back when my husband isn't around. He does better pressure, but the Theracane is more patient!

    Something else I found -- by accident! I was digging around in an 'Ocean State Job Lots' store this year on vacation and found something called AccuReach Plus by Waterpik. It's basically shaped like a Theracane, but you plug it in and get some massaging/vibration action as well (two speeds). So it pays to poke around in deep-deep-discount places. It was marked down to $15!
  6. granmakitty12

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    and love it!! I got mine through a physical therapist and my insurance paid for part of it. It feels great when I
    use it on kinks and sore spots on my back, neck, and tops
    of my shoulders.

    When using it, I have to be careful not to apply too much
    pressure because that can cause really sore muscles the next day.

    Another thing that has been a great help is a tennis ball.
    Sometimes I put the ball between a sore spot (on back or hips) and the wall. Then just lean into it and roll. It
    takes some practice to get it just right. It works great
    on area between shoulder blades too.

    I also lie on the floor with the tennis ball between the
    floor and the sore area. This works really well when I
    have hip pain.

    The thera-cane is a little spendy; but I wouldn't hestitate
    for a moment if I had to replace the one I have. It is
    priceless!! lol