OPINIONS PLEASE : Lyrica vrs. Topamax

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    dragon--That is so great that the Lyrica is not giving you such bad side-affects!!!! I try to explain to people that mine could be dose related (150mg 3x day)--alot of people don't require that much. And/or related to other medicine I take for an unrelated problem. Keep us posted on your progress {{{High 5}}

    Tona--I have a high co-pay with my insurance as far as the lyrica goes. The topamax is about half of that. Both have given me pain relief, but where the lyrica calmed me, the topamax spazzes me out (guess that all depends on where the medicine hits in the brain). Again, this also may go back to my other medicine for a totally unrelated condition.

    {{{Gentle Hugs}}}

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