opiods and intestinal damage

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  1. LouiseK

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    I have read a lot about the serious complications from constipation when using opiods (i.e. vicodin, oxycodone, etc.) and everyone writes that laxatives must be used to avoid these complications. HOWEVER, all the laxatives supposedly permanently ruin your colon. Most of the medical sites say that stool softeners and osmotics won't really do the trick and that hard-core laxatives must be used.

    I would love to hear how you are all managing -- I know a lot of you use opiods.

    ALSO and important -- does the constipation go away when you quit the opiods (provided you haven't ruined your intestines with the laxatives, that is. . .)

    Thank you!
  2. rosemarie

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    I have not hard of that but I can understand it as they do make you constaptaied all the time and I eat alot of five seed bread and take maginsuim and stool softners as well.

    But long before I was taking them evey day even as a child I was always on the constiaptated side and nothing really does help. MY mom is that way so is my sister. So I don't know what to tell you.

    I just take the over the counter stool softners and eat this whole graing bread with seeds in a BM everyday some times twice or even 3 x. Depending on how much mag I have taken.

    I know that when i have had surgeries they have found that I have been constiapted and have given me so much stuff that makes me throw up and have direahea at the same time . Sorry for the discription since is is really gross.

    But sicne I am going to have to take this opid meds for my life time I too would like to know what can be done to help me with it.. And I drink lots of water a day also. Sorry I am not much help.

    Sorry ,
  3. ladykew

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    fiber...there's one you can get at wal-mart called Konsyl that he recommended. It's easy to take. You just put 8 oz water in a cup that has a tight-fitting lid, add 1 rounded tsp fiber, and shake vigorously for 5-7 seconds ONLY. Then drink it down. Add more water, drink it down. And if you can, drink a third cup. If you can't hold that much at one time, take a water jug around with you and just drink water all day. You get used to it and it really takes care of the dry mouth you get with some medications.

    Also, you can repeat this mixture up to three times a day if needed.

    I also take 2 stool softners a night. Sometimes I take 3 if I've been really constipated.

    You should get some good relief with this stuff.

    If you do get constipated again, you might need to get a prescription for MiraMax, which is a fine powder laxative that you mix with water. It's really easy to take. If you have IBS, like I do, you have to go to the MiraMax once in a while.

    The constipation does go away when you quit the pain pills. I take Hydrocodone...I'm not sure if that is an opiod, I guess it is. I do know it is very constipating, but I do need the pain relief.

    I don't have the need to take hard-core laxatives. These other things work really well for me, and they are safe.
    The fiber is not expensive, maybe around $10 a bottle and lasts at least a couple of months. You might want to give it a try. Just drink that water! ;>P

    Any questions, just ask.

    Good luck,

  4. gidgetsmom

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    I eat alot of shredded wheat cereal, whole grain bread, and fruit. With drinking alot of water, this works for me. (Raisins work great and they're loaded with iron!)

  5. wish_to_be_healthy

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    Loved your post...lol..........

    When I was taking the flax seed meal, that made me regular!

    I have gone off for a trial, because I was getting headaches...and wanted to see what combo was possibly causing them...today we start the flax again.

    (senna and you are good friends...LOLOLOLOL)

  6. cordy250

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    I'm in the same position as mustluvdogs, so I don't have too much trouble with constipation. But, the old tried and true remedy of prunes works for me if I do. I get dried ones and keep them in the frig and they last a long time.
  7. LouiseK

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    Thank you all for your helpful, thoughtful responses. I will try all your suggestions . . . maybe not all at once, ha ha . . .

    I will say that the senna is a hard-core laxative which acts on the nerves in the intestines, even though it is an herb. Many sites I read do suggest it for use with opiods but it is also in the class that can be not-good for the intestines over the long run. I've been using it because I thought it was relatively harmless but now learn that is not necessarily so . . .

    The bulk laxatives, osmotics and magnesium seem to be okay for regular use and I think "regular" is the key and not waiting for the problem to develop.

    The problem seems to be that the opiods slow down the muscles in the gut so much and also decrease secretions to the gut . . .and, believe me, I know what you all mean about needing something for the pain!!

    Thanks again. And anyone else who wishes to -- please chime in.

    Have a great, pain free day.
  8. Lendy5

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    I have been on opiods for several years and suffered since childhood with constipation. I think my body has adjusted to the use of opiods and the constipation has subsided unless I have had any changes with my dose.

    There are so many laxatives on the market that are too harsh on the body in my opinion and I haven't had to use a laxative in over 10 years.

    I use stool softeners also known as Colace. This is what hospitals give their patients and the brand colace is very expensive. Instead I buy the walmart brand and it's only 1/4 of the cost.

    Stool softeners work by sending water from the body down into the intestines to avoid dry stools.

    It recommends taking the highest dose to reach a regular movement and afterwards taking a regular dose daily for maintenance and is not addictive.

    Prune juice is also great at relieving constipation and works pretty quick ;)

    Hope this helps a little.

  9. TwinMa

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    I recently had a bad experience with a colonoscopy. My colon with not very elastic and they could not complete the procedure because it was causing me so much pain.

    Also, it took 2 1/2 hours for me to start having BM's after taking the Fleet phospho-soda. This is SUPPOSED to start working after 15-30 minutes. This is the stuff you take to completely clean out your GI tract.

    I take oxycodone daily. I'm wondering now if the oxy isn't slowing my gut down so that it isn't really functioning as it should. This would explain why it took so long for the Fleet to work.

    I do definitely have problems with constipation.

    I'm not sure if the oxy can be blamed for the lack of elasticity in my colon or the high degree of pain with the colonoscopy. It's certainly something to consider, though.