Oprah needs to hear about Lyme this week!

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    I am posting a message here that I got from one of my Lyme groups today. Please forgive me if this is redundant. I hope everyone will make their voices heard at Oprah's site. It is very quick and easy to register if you are not a member; just use the appropriate URL below.

    Original message:

    People!! Tonight there are ONLY 160 entries on the site, barely better
    than _/150 people who wrote in to a recent question about toilet
    paper/_!! We have to do better than that!

    Forwarded from Open Eye producer Kris Newby

    Oprah is deciding whether to do a show on Lyme THIS WEEK, and we need to
    fill her comment board ASAP. According to the show producer, emails
    directly to Oprah will NOT be read; you need to post here:

    [If you have trouble with this link, go to
    or turn off your spy site blocking. If this link doesn't work, try copy
    and paste rather than click]

    Having Oprah feature Lyme disease will help the new bill in Congress and
    it will pressure the new IDSA panel to do the right thing.

    Can we please ask you to post (again) asking Dr. Oz and Oprah to do a
    show on UNDER OUR SKIN, the documentary that exposes the truth about
    Lyme disease?? (There are only 129 posts up there now.) Note that there
    is a 200 word limit. The important thing is that you post a few words
    about your personal story, not how long it is.

    Here is how:
    Here is the link where you can post a message - if you are already a
    member of Oprah's community.

    If you are not a member of the Oprah community, you will need to sign up
    click on this link to sign up:

    Once you have filled out the appropriate info -- easy stuff, name,
    username, email address, birth year -- then you will get an email to
    your email address: You'll get an email from Oprah's web people sending
    you an activation link that you will need to click on in order to get
    started. Then you can click on the above link and post your comments.

    I know this is a busy time for Lyme patient advocacy, but the Oprah
    show's national exposure could save thousands of lives and buoy up all
    of our individual efforts.

    Thank you again for your help on this matter.

    Under Our Skin

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    I noticed that this post has not gotten very many views. Here is a chance to get the power of Oprah behind our cause. Aren't you sick of fighting with doctors just to get recognition that you need treatment? Aren't you angry at being labeled hypochondriacs? Don't you want to end this injustice? Please just drag yourselves over to her site and write something, anything, even if it's two lines saying how you're too sick to write a proper message but you want to be heard.
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    I added my post on the Oprah site several days ago. I saw a post about it on lymenet.org.

    As of now there are 745 posts about lyme on Oprah's board.

    This board is just not very active.

    Thanks for posting it here though, for anyone who may not have seen it elsewhere.

    Hopefully, all those posts will get their attention. That would be a huge boost to the suffering lyme community.