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    * my H is broken and must be struck repeatedly (12 to 20x) to work. Please bear wit me if I leave tem out for te most part.

    I have been observing Opra for te past few days. She not only looks unwell and fatigued but seems to be experiencing some minor cognitive problems.

    Today Opra seemed to forget tat te show was live and tere were oter little moments tat seemed just like "fog"... word finding difficulties, etc. In fact, O may have forgotten te name of er magazine but it's difficult to tell.

    In addition, O's posture and beaviour are different in ways consistent wit ME... as well as tyroid problems. These are tings tat I noticed in my own beaviour.

    Se moves less and seems to abort unnecessary guestures. Se leans wenever possible. Her speac is not as animated as it was and I would guess tat se now uses fewer words.

    I wasn't looking for tis (my tv remote is broken along wit my H) and may be reading all kinds of tings into wat I ave seen but I really don't tink so. Watever er healt issue is, it's not yet been resolved and it certainly looks like some kind of CFS.

    I don't wis tis on anyone but it would be a very odd twist in te tale of tis illness if...

    Sorry about te missing letter!

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  2. Rosiebud

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    I know that here in UK lots of celebrities are hesitant to admit they have M.E. - don't blame them as they probably wouldn't find work but with Oprah - well she has loads of money, lots of power in the media so don't understand why she just can't come out and tell it like it is.

    Hopefully she will if that's what she has. Certainly sounds more than thyroid problems. These people could do so much to get rid of the stygma attached to our illness.


  3. Rafiki

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    I'd be very interested in your take on it.

    Peace out,
  4. Rafiki

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    I completely understand not wanting to make oneself uninsurable and all te oter wonderful tings tat come along wit publicly aving ME/CFS/FM... I'm not at all surprised tat celebs do not want to out temselves wit tis illness. We all know te consequences, unfortunately.

    You guys in te UK ave ad suc a terrible time of it! makes me crazy on your beHalf. Stay strong!

    Peace out,

    PS Sorry about te H problem!

  5. mollystwin

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    Bummer about that H!

    Oprah does have thryoid problems. She had a rough summer, gained some weight and was tired all the time. She had to cancel many social events. Then she was diagnosed with the thyroid disorder.

    Maybe you saw a show taped last summer??

  6. Rafiki

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    Yes, I did hear about her tyroid and see tat te internet is abuzz with talk about er comments re this.

    Wat made yesterday's show so interesting was tat it was a live show.

    Wen te show is taped, O can pace erself, retake wen necessary, etc.

    In a live show any little moment of confusion shows and there seemed to be some. I don't know very muc about tyroid issues and weter or not tey cause cognitive glitces like tis. Everyting about te live sow looked like someone who "looked so good" but was struggling and sligtly off.



    PS Today, in a taped show, O asked someone wit MS, "What do you do wen you get a diagnosis of MS, do you cange your diet?"

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    Oprah is also at that time of life when alot of hormonal changes occur. Fatigue, forgetfulness, overemotional, etc. are some of the symptoms of perimenopause and menopause. That could be one of the reasons her thyroid is out of whack. Godbless
  8. Rafiki

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    No, watch Ellen!

    It was just te live show that I thought was so revealing. I do not find the taped shows particularly enlightening.

    Peace out,

  9. Rafiki

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    I find if I massage the H key in a circular motion, it works. It's almost as tiring as hitting it several times but it's novel!

    So, you see the cognitive stuff, too. When tey came back from commercial and she had to remind herself, aloud, that they were on air I was shocked. You do not forget when you are doing live television unless something is very, very wrong.

    And, as you said, her questions were very lack lustre... she had much less animation which, to me, is classic cfs. She seemed to be expending the least amount of energy in just the ways I do.

    Re the mag., do you think she was simply avoiding saying the name of it again. It really did look to me like a classic brain fart for a nanosecond there. I thought I saw a micro-expression of confusion, too.

    You said something else interesting which I can no longer remember and I now wear a macro-expression of confusion :~)

    Ok, that's it for me and Oprah! May she live long and be healthy!

    Peace out,
  10. morningsonshine

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    I guess she hasn't been thinking positively enough, maybe attracting the wrong things to her from the "universe" with those negative thoughts!

    I guess the secrets out, and it's no secret at all, that anyone can become ill, it's not prejudice to anyones race, creed, background, religion, money, or philosophy!

    P.S. I really like the dog picture in your profile Rafi.

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    OH YES! I can tell you that this is a REAL problem with low thyroid. I had thyroid cancer surgery the end of May. My thyroid medication is slowly being increased. I've even had trouble following a recipe!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm usually very smart. I can't keep two thoughts in my head at the same time now. it is very frustrating. I keep reminding myself that this should get better after the thyroid med is raised a sufficient amount to get the TSH down.

    Several of us have been lobbying for a thyroid board on this site. We REALLY could use this. The sinusitis board gets used so infrequently that PH could switch it to a thyroid board (if it is an issue of not having room for another board).
  12. Rafiki

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    It would seem that it is very difficult to tease Thyroid issues out of the "CFS" conundrum or to know where they fit in.

    Thanks all,
  13. jmcdelaney

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    Could you please break your "H" again...It really cracks me up...no matter how serious the subject, it cracks me up!!!

    Laughing is good for the immune system!

  14. Rafiki

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    did I try to remove my H Key?

    Terch: aaaaaaaaa! It almost sounds naughty!

    Joann: I may ave to!

    I got very tired of making everyone work so hard to understand me and, of course, looking like an idiot, so spent a day (2?) massaging that H every time I used it here and in email and my H Finger has crashed! It's a sore, weak, awkward and unappy finger!

    My finger is insisting tat te rest of my body follow it and rest until it feels better. My brain decided tat was a splendid idea and as already gone on iatus. I don't know wat makes tis finger so ig and migty but it as a uge attitude problem and I tink I'd better just umour it.

    wit tanks,
  15. Rafiki

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    I wish I had your advice before I set out boldly on my own!

    Te H was sticking just a wee bit and someone wrote someting about being able to take keys off and I tried to take te key off my Mac laptop. I no longer tink tat tey come off! Well, not to any good effect, anyway.

    Don't you love Macs?! I ave always ad tem and tis is te only one I've ad any serious problems wit. In fact it is te only model known for problems and tat's wy a friend gave it to me wen e replaced it.

    It does all kinds of oter strange tings like igligt sections for no reason and erase tem wen I type or te mouse will just float around te screen as if on a quest for virtual ceese, but it's a small price to pay for computing lying down instead of moaning. I tink te new models are back to te old quality.

    I ave one of te first generation Mac laptops (B&W!) packed away and I took it out after Lord knows ow long, plugged it in and it worked! I love my Mac.s. My more recent Macs were towers or IMacs so sitting up was required wic I don't do so muc anymore. And, to be onest, it's not entirely te fault of tis one tat it is now so uncooperative wen it was simply quirky wen I got it.

    I tink te Universe wants me to ave one of te new ones! I bougt a lottery ticket just in case. And, maybe, te Universe wants me off te computer so muc and into some books. Pushy Universe!

    I tink I need a bit of a break anyway. Te Universe may be pusy but it's not stupid!

    Tanks very muc anyway! Be good to you!


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    I was tinking te same ting...good mental excersise.
  17. jmcdelaney

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    I was tinking te same ting...good mental excersise.