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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by caffey, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. caffey

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    On Sun. night I had on Oprah's new show on in the background. Is it me in a rotten mood or what? I found it so sappy and I couldn't handle it. I know this is a rotten attitude. I know there are people in desperate situations that I can't even imagine but what about us struggling day to day to survive. Sorry I guess I am having a pity party today.
  2. mollystwin

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    Here are some hugs to get you through!!! I have pity parties too sometimes!!!

  3. sisland

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    I agree with you! I think Oprah cannot be out done in the Fiancial world or anyother for that Matter!,,she has to keep up with the Donald!,, so on one hand i think that it's good to help these people out ,,,,,

    on the other hand there are all these people working under her just to win a million dollars,,,,,but most of them don't need the money,,,,,,,,maybe they are in it for the right reasons,,,,,who knows!

    so i guess it's a power Trip for her!,,,,,,,have to agree with terch,,,,,, all the yelling and screaming about recieving a gift or just because she walks in the room is ridiculous!,,,,,,jmho,,,S
  4. caffey

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    for making me feel a bit better. BTW I am the queen of pity parties and am not about to be de-throned. lol.
  5. fibromickster

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    and loved it. At first i thought it was going to be stupid but in the end I thought it was awesome. Definetly not because of Oprah, but because the people were helping strangers out of nowhere, giving them a miracle and helping hand. The contestants don't even know that they can win a million dollars yet, they are doing this out their own time. I am sure once they find out they can win, it will be a different story.

    I do agree with you about Oprah, but again it was the people. One team, it was 2 guys, brought tears to my eyes when they helped this woman that has 2 daughters and her husband was killed in a shooting at Home Depot. I remember that on the news some time ago and he was a manager and got shot. It was so sad.

    Give it time you may find that you will like it as long as you can see that Oprah is not in it very much. Try to get past that part. LOL

    Caffey, i hope you feel better, and you know you can always have a pitty party here, we will always try and make you feel better.

    Gentle Hugs, Mickey
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  6. fight4acure

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    The unfortunate part is most people do not look at us as people who are suffering each and every day. They do not see this illness as real. They do not realize that we are not being lazy or just wanting to go on disability and collect money from the government.

    The main problem with this show is that I find a majority of her viewers live a comfortable life, with a few problems. And once the money is gone, it's gone. To me, it was a wasteful way of spending money. Programs to help people out would've been better than just selecting a few people. Programs would've helped out many people. I felt it arrogant of her to waste money on people and buy their affection.

    While I do love some of the things Oprah has done, including endorsing good candidates, and helping out with schools in Africa, as well as bringing social issues out in the open, I still find some of the things she has done as rather lavish and foolish. Putting herself on a pedistal is something she does often.

    One thing for sure is, it's her money and she will do exactly how she pleases. Do not expect any handouts from her, unless you go on her show, and the companies of the free handouts give her free handouts just to advertise the product.

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  7. GApeach2

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    I used to like watching Oprah a lot, but lately it just seems like she is helping the rich get richer. She promotes celebrities when they've written a book (do they really need her help to sell it??)or star in a new movie and she helps her friends by helping them start their own tv shows, etc. What about the average guy who really needs help? Doing it through a reality show doesn't impress me. Help someone when the world isn't watching you. And now she's got all these other shows doing giveaways to compete. It makes me crazy. You are not alone in how you feel, Caffey.
  8. jole

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    Said exactly what I would have said - (If I could have thought of it) LOL

    I also think the debt of our country could probably be taken care of by all the rich people like Oprah, which would help EVERYBODY. (Okay, maybe not end the debt, but sure get it down to a managable level)!

    I know it's not their problem alone, but if they are going to throw their money away, why not give it to the country and help all??

    I'm probably way off base here and don't need any slack....just say I thought of it in my sleep!! LOL
  9. caffey

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    For your insight. I guess what frustrates me is where do people like us fit into all this. We are stuck with these dds and most of us can't get the meds or treatments we need because they aren't covered. Nobody seems to give a rip about us. Man this is a good pity party eh? As Rhett Butler said and tomorrow is another day. Hang in there.