Optic Migraines

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Mikie, Jan 19, 2006.

  1. Mikie

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    These are the ones which can cause blinking lights, zig-zag patterns in our vision, and other visual distortions. Optic Migraines never make it to the headache stage although the optic disturbances can signal a Migraine Headache is on its way.

    Optic Migraines can cause blindness in rare cases where they last too long. My eye doc told me that if I ever have one for longer than 20-30 minutes to be sure I am seen by an eye doc.

    I have found that by taking just a quarter of a .5 mg. of my clonazepam (Klonopin), the Optic Migraine will go away very fast.

    I am in a remission right now and decided to go for a walk this morning. I wore sunglasses as the light down here is bright this time of year. When I came inside, there was the familiar bright yellow "donut" of light in my vision. This is how my Optic Migraines usually play out. I nibbled on some clonazepam and it went away within a few minutes. I continued to do some light weight lifting and bouncing on the big ball. I don't want to overdo it as I start back into working out.

    The air this morning was incredible, cool with just a hint of humidity. I enjoyed the few little low scud clouds floating by and the moon which was still high in the sky. The date palms still had a bit of dew on them and were beautiful. I also enjoyed all the flowers in the entryways to the neighboring communities. I am loving life again and hope this remission continues. I hope and pray for remission for all our members until a cure is found.

    Love, Mikie
  2. Adl123

    Adl123 New Member

    Dear Mikie,
    Thanks for posting on this topic. I have a Question.

    When my eyes are tired, I can see shadows clustered in a circle, in both eyes (like a daisy). I'm a diabetic, and I asked my doctors. (They really don't bother me, except when I'm tired, and then they block out letters when I read).

    My old Dr. said they were old hemorrages clustered around the focal point, on the retina. My new Dr. says that they are optic migraines. Do they sound like optic migraines? The outside of each little shape is clean , stable and sharp, and the inside of each shape sometimes seems to be moving.

  3. Pianowoman

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    Thanks for the info Mikie. I get optic migraines occasionally but didn't know that they were dangerous if they last too long. Fortunately, none of mine have. I'll try the Klonopin next time.

    I'm so glad you continue to love life! Your weather makes me jealous, although we are having an unusually mild winter and it is something over 50 F today.

    I'm making some progress with the TF and hope that I can see real imrovement soon.

    Take Care
  4. darude

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    So glad your enjoying life again. Did you ever really think you would reach this place? to be able to do normal things again what a joy. Enjoy Enjoy I know that we appreciate the simple things in life. I got a little better in the summer and was out and about a bit more. Unfortunately I went back to bad habits and am worse off now. Ok well back to the drawing board. One step at a time.

    Annie the Londoner
  5. abbylee

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    My daughter and I both have optic migraines. I don't have them very often but when I do, I have nothing but black in the right half of my visual field. If I take 3 aspirin and close my eyes for 30 minutes, they go away with no pain. If I can't find any aspirin I will get the headache. Needless to say, I keep aspirin with me at all times.

    My daughter, though, was having numerous optic migraines a day. She might have as many as 10 in an 8 hour workday. (She travels at the speed of light in her job.) Her doctor has started her on Topamax and her optic migraines have all but disappeared. Not only that but she's lost about 15 lbs and is loving it.

    abbylee PS. My doc offered me the same treatment as my daughter (we see the same doc), but I take too many drugs already and don't want to take any others.
  6. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Input, and good wishes. I appreciate them.

    Terry, if it were me, I would get just one more opinion on what is going on. Diabetes adds another dimention to visual problems and poor outcomes can cause severe problems. It would be worth it for peace of mind.

    Every now and then, I get headaches which are somewhere worse than sinus headaches but not quite full-blown migraines. I have found that spraying my nose with NeoSynephrine, cooling my head, warming my hands, and taking aspirin-free Excedrin for Migraines helps them go away.

    I believe these headaches are a mild form of migraines. I usually have some light sensitivity but no nausea. A darkened room also helps me recover.

    Love, Mikie

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