Optimistic perspective in all of us

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by woppini, Jan 17, 2003.

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    We must battle failing relationships, financial hardships, a pathetic medical system to name a few. These are some of the physical losses. But we also have to deal with the mental aspect. Self esteem, self confidence, joy, optimism can all get ripshredded and hung out to dry. Then whats left? A vapor of dignity?
    How dare we get an illness. We didnt ask for it. Unfortunately, we have one that has no obvious tests for conclusions. With HIV, cancer, MS, etc, at least they have a projected outcome (positive or negative) that can be a beacon to keep on the horizon. We dont have a beacon. Seems we are the cork that bobs up and down swaying in an ocean of symptoms, looking for dry land. Years go by before some of us can see that beacon. See that hope. We all look for it, we all want to grasp it and cling to it with our life. As we struggle to hang on, it can disappear before our very eyes with a relapse. The clouds darken, rain of tears begin, the storm moves in. We brace ourselves for the impact. We hold on tight that it will pass, and the clouds will clear, so we can fight again. Consider ourselves warriors that keep on pushing, fighting, hoping, that things will get better around the bend. YOU are the strongest person your ever going to meet. Think about what you have gone through with this illness. Realize that you are not alone. We are all in this struggle together. Everyone here supports, helps, nurtures, cry, laugh. There is not one thing we cant all relate too. We maybe ill, but in all of us, there are qualities we dont see, that other people do. Call a good friend and say hello. Visit someone just for a short bit if you can. If you can't, just come here. Believe it or not, we give something back without really even trying.


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    that I think are worth repeating:

    "YOU are the strongest person your ever going to meet."

    "...in all of us, there are qualities we dont see, that other people do"

    I believe your mental/emotional outlook truly affects your physical state, and a positive attitude is SO important. Before anyone throws books or bricks at me, let me say that I KNOW how hard it is to keep a positive attitude at times, and there are those of you here that certainly have it worse than me. I have my down days too, I get depressed and discouraged too. But, just talking to someone who allows me to cry and vent and be angry and have my feelings, makes me feel so much better, and once that is "out", I'm able to regroup mentally and and keep moving forward.

    As for "why me", why "not"? You don't have control over everything life gives you. Life's not fair, plain and simple. You do the best you can with what you have, hopefully you have somewhere/someone to vent to, Lord knows, we all need that.

    Sometimes, if you believe the worst will happen, it does. And sometimes, if you believe things will get better, they actually do. Don't ever give up; YOU are who you are fighting for.

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    This that you have written explains so much about all of us. It is all so true and it is beautifully written. Instead of says "God why me", I say I know you gave this to me because you feel I can handle it and you will be there when I can't to help lift me up and put me back together. God never gives us more then what we can handle although it seems sometimes he does.
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    hehe, well these thoughts came to me at 4am. If i wrote, i dont think i would get any sleep. Of course cars can be such a headache, maybe writing afterall is better.. :O)
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    I am going to be uncharachteristic and not elaborate on my responses to your post. I am pretty worn out and drained....been on the computer too long today.

    But I just wanted to tell you how beautiful your post is. Seems as though you have been reading my mind, or my diary! The things you said here, and the way you said them, has really touched me deeply today. It gives me hope to know that there are still people out there who are truly sensitive. I am grateful to have found your post just as I was about to leave the board for the day. I needed what you gave here......very much!

    God Bless You!

  6. Shirl

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    Stephen, you have said it all! Thank you,

    Shalom! Shirl
  7. Fibromiester

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    I leave the board (at 6am) with peace and a smile because of your beautiful note, Stephen. Thanks, I needed that! Fibromiester
  8. Ness

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    I thank you for your beautiful words.....Yes YES YES we are all STONGER than we know and WE are all Capable of CHANGING what is going on inside of us with our MINDS...

    Having this Wonderful Place to come to where there are so many caring and understanding people with different opinions, personalities and dreams....is SUCH A GIFT!!!

    I find that the early morning hours are where I feel closer to GOD and Myself..and where I have found lots of insight in the Peace of the Still Early Hours..

    Blessings and Peace to ALL of you my dear friends
  9. Sunshyne1027

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    What else can I say-Beautiful thoughts, inspiration.

    Hi Stephen, don't think we ever met yet, my name is Sunshyne. (Nancy)
  10. woppini

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    I get alot of inspiration from all of you. When i am down, i too get my spirits lifted comming here. Here's to all of us, in hopes of a more healthy year.......
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    for your wonderful and insightful words. Last night was an especially trying time for me, emotionally and physically. I knew coming here to read posts today would help, but I didn't know how much until I read your post.

    Sometimes it seems like life is so unfair to us, but we have to look at it more positively. There are more unfortunate souls out there. I should feel grateful to have what I do. Self pity is getting me nowhere. Pain makes up most of my life, but I shouldn't let it control my mind and heart as well as my body. As much as I hate to admit it, I do let it overpower every aspect of my life.

    I'm soooo grateful I have found this website. I feel like I'm a part of this family already.
    Have a good day everyone!

    HURTSALOT2 New Member

    Stephen, I just had to tell you how beautiful and true are the words you have spoken. I am so lucky to have found this board and all these wonderful people such as yourself. I agree with LadyDj. Throw out the wrenches, get some writing materials and write, write, write. You certainly have my attention. Thanks and take care.
  13. CindyB

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    What an inspiration!. I am new to the site and feeling a little blue. Your post put a smile on my face!
    Thank You1
  14. kalina

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    ...for reminding us that even though we have all stumbled through difficult times, it is with the support and understanding of each other that we realize the ability to help friends, strangers, and ultimately ourselves through this struggle. It is within our power of each one of us to make things better for somebody. We are all still here and on this board because WE ARE FIGHTERS.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughtful post. See? You've touched and inspired a lot of us!