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  1. sues1

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    hello orachel,

    I wrote this previously and then read a posting that fits this so well!

    There are so many intelligent people here. Many of you write so well, have good sense of humor, common sense,
    and state everything so well.

    I think some of you should write what you know..which is...this illness and all that goes with it.

    It can be about woman/men/children that copes with illness...marriage/children/jobs/doctor's attitudes.....YADDA YADDA. List is endless.

    Does not have to center around Fibro or Cfids.....but they would be mentioned with other illnesses?

    So write an article or story. Submit it to magazines and such. I see where some pay $300.00 or more for a story. Some as little as $50.00. But I could see getting more and easier to do once you have been published.
    Maybe go for a book being published?

    You have this board for one to know the heart beat and thoughts of those who lives with it day after day. So there is your interviews..LOL....so much knowledge here.

    It is good to have something that absorbs you and to have something to work towards.

    BEST PART......is that you would be helping all of your friends here in getting the word out. The more it is in print, the more it will be accepted. The more accepted it is, the more research will be done.....
    HELP CURE US.......<G>


    Posting on : Want me to slap My Husband For You?

    Your first posting would make a great article for woman's magazine. Girl, it is powerful! Really hits home. Even the Normals would understand the gist of it all.

    You speak from your heart and your guts <g>. That is why you have such a following here. You can use some fancy name in place of your own if you wish not to be known from your article.

    Maybe take out the Hit the husband comments..HA. But the anger should stay. It says volumes. Also you mention your brain fog. Well we have spell checkers on our computers.
    You really come through very well. You can always work on it at your pace and go back to it when you can.

    Thanks for your postings......they mean a lot to all of us here...Blessings.....Susan
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  2. Sandyz

    Sandyz New Member

    That`s a very good idea. It would be a way to increase awareness and earn some income. I agree a lot of people here would make good writers and could tell our story well. Women`s World is one that has a personal medical story every issue written by the person themselves.
  3. orachel

    orachel New Member

    I really cannot thank all of you enough. I am going through an extraordinarily difficult time in my life (sheesh! aren't we all? Seems like the human condition!) and knowing that I may be able to make some small contribution to the world...and especially to our cause, which is so misunderstood and maligned by the average uninformed person....that is just priceless to me!

    I want you to know, I do have an Idea (with a capital I, you see! LOL) for a novel about a group of friends who all suffer from these dang dratted diseases, and how they go about living their lives and having a wonderful friendship with each other that sustains them...all in spite of their myriad of limitations.

    The wheels are turning, guys! They just don't turn quite as quickly as they used to! LOL

    I have considered writing articles about these things, struggles we face....I promise I'll get on it as soon as possible!

    I'm still in the midst of so much diagnostic ICK! in my life that it seems to consume me...

    But you know what, Susan....I may be dealing with those struggles for a long long time. I do acknowledge that. And heck! I'm finally housebound, so not like I've got a whole lot else to do, huh?

    My husband is out of town all next week. May be a good opportunity to sit down and let the creative juices start stewing...better that than mourning being stuck in my house alone for 7 days! LOL...but needless to say, I may be spending LOOTS of time here next week.

    To Susan and all of you who are urging me to push myself further....Thank you. I've never felt quite so powerless or expendible in my life as I do right now. Just the thought that some of you, my sisters and brothers, think I might be able to make a contribution is incredibly empowering and gives me something to work toward.

    So thank all of you.
    Gigantic crazy bear hugs...
  4. orachel

    orachel New Member

    I have a following here? LOL That just strikes me as bizarre. Wouldaneverthunkit. LoL
  5. sues1

    sues1 New Member

    I have got to where I look for your postings. Myself and others really gets concerned when it goes a short while that we do not hear from you.

    For one......you speak so well of this trap we are in. You express what we feel and we can feel what you are saying.
    I do not seem to be expressing it well at this time.

    We all know the adage of "When life gives you a lemon, make lemonade"....
    I could see you do this through writting.

    It also would make you feel as if you are contributing to life and that would speak highly to your family of the quality of a person you are.

    Until later..foggy right now....more than normal fog.....<G>

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