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    Mitochondrial Encephalomyopathy With Lactic Acidosis and Strokelike Episodes (MELAS): A Mitochondrial Disorder Presents as Fibromyalgia

    Mitochondrial disease may mimic fibromyalgia. Unexplained elevation of the anion gap suggests mitochondrial disease.
    An elevated lactic acid level at rest and an elevated lactate-to-pyruvate ratio confirm the diagnosis of mitochondrial disease. Muscle biopsy displaying red ragged fibers is diagnostic of mitochondrial disease.


    I thought of you. Check it out- it can't hurt!
    God Bless,
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    Wow..that is very interesting info! Will definitely check out the site, and I'd never have dreamed something like that could "mimic" fm/cfs...thanks so much.

    I wrote you and all else concerned a whole dang book re: where I've been...what a nutty ride ;) !

    Thanks for info!

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