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  1. ckk

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    hello! it's ckk, i am sitting here wondering all day how your doctor appt. went! as soon as you can please let us know! i have mine tomorrow cant wait to see how mine goes either. please write us when you get a chance i have been thinking about you all day, i hope everything turned out to your benefit. take care and hope to here from you soon.
  2. orachel

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    Well, to say clearly and concisely (WHAT?! who the heck does she think she's kidding says my brain) because I'm MONDO EXHAUSTO and must beddie bye quick like a bunny....

    I had a fan flippin'tastic day! Wasn't ideal, by a stretch, but woke with decent pain..got a ton of suport from you all before I left. Took him tons of info, and in a nutshell got everything I wanted out of the visit. Pain meds may stil be an issue, but I'll go into that in detail on the morrow.

    Thanks so much for thinking about me!!!
  3. orachel

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    You mention "energy" or I'm guessing lack of it (LOL! As if any of us have too much energy, right? Who's lucky enough to get THAT disease?!) I just got prescribed PROVIGIL...now its supposed to be excellent for ENERGY LEVELS...that's its speciality. Plus, my doc told me it should also help bigtime with the pain.

    I'll let you know over next few days how its working...could be very real option for you, to knock out the last of the pain issues your current meds dont' and also give you energy.

    Plus, I got a bunch of herbal stuff I'm mucho excited to talk about with everyone and try!

    Talk tomorrow & sending HUGS!