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    I`m off to my sons football game in a little while so I can`t get to chat right now. I`m glad you liked the idea. I have never used any of these myself but hear they are quite popular. One is Web Baby Shower also Mommy Party. I`m sure their is more out there. Just do a search on online baby showers.

    The best thing to do would be for you to go look at the sites and see if you think they would work. I didn`t have time to check into it alot but I see that have party games and other things lined up to do on there site.

    I hope that helps. They might work otherwise I`m sure we could put together something fabulous on our own.
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    web baby shower...looks great (funky graphics, but supposedly you can use your own and pick from a bunch). I have a call into the owner of the site now to see if we can work something out within the necessity of our confidentially needs. There's chat + message boards, gift registry, whole nine yards. Looks excellent and cannot believe how cheap! LOL

    I'll check out mommy party, but be careful with full addresses. That is definitely a nono with the monitors and we want them on our good side! LOL

    It all just looks incredible...thanks so much for the time you took to do the research. I really appreciate it as I had no idea there were actual already set up showers online that you can customize...really great!

    Go (whatever the name of your son's football team is!)!!!

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    We won our game. We are the Cardinals by the way. Thanks for cheering for us. We beat the number one rated team in our state tonite... it was awesome. The boys were thrilled!

    Back to the baby shower. I`m glad you checked out that site. I wander if they have any limit on how many guests you can have? I wouldn`t think so but its something we better check out. I hope one of these sites will work, if not we`ll think of something else.

    It should be lots of fun. Can`t wait.
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    I think the first one you mentioned will be great. Like I said, just waiting for the owner to call me back to get the details. The mommy one you gave was basically just links to shower products, but did get some really snazzy baby "clip art" we might be able to use in decor! I'm excited too!


    And give your kid a pat on the back for me...that's a great accomplishment!