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    Thank you for your kind words in (to post or not to post). I do feel alone at times and unheard.My husband has been a great supporter but I don't think he truely understands how I am feeling. You see I am still searching for answers. I know I have FMS/CFS but I have all these blood tests that are either pointing to Sjogrens or Lupus, one doctor said Sjogrens but my PCP doesn't think so, so I am on to my 3rd Rhumey. I feel like they look at me like I am nuts. I don't look sick but I feel sick. I am not as bad as some on here, but its still there. I just want to know. the not knowing is killing. I know it won't mak ea difference in my treatments but I really need to know. This has all been so confusing and frustrating. And through all this I work fulltime and try to keep my house in order.
    I am sorry I just realized I am just rambling on. Anyways again thanks for your kind words.
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    YOU'RE RAMBLING ON!!!??? Have you SEEN the length of some of my posts? LOL

    I understand what you mean about the "just needing to know". I'm right there with you...waiting to see what's up neurologically with me as fog has gone way beyond normal.

    Husbands...Mine is amazing, too. But I really don't think its possible for them to get exactly where we're coming from, as they've never been in our shoes. I've done the 3 Rheumys...am now on to physiatrists! LOL And sleep docs, and phd's in pain management, and pcp....ect ect.

    You can always reach out to me when you need someone in your court. Goodness knows...with me being housebound and no friends nearby, I need all the buddies I can get!

    By the way, I don't know if you saw it, but I paged you earlier to ask about your hips...I have bursitis too.

    Look forward to speaking with you soon!

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    and I agree we need all the friends we can get online and off. I have been told I have Bursitis in my hips. I don't have much problems with them in the summer time but this cold really gets to me. One side has been hurting a couple of days now. I am only 38 and it makes me feel so old.

    I am nervous about going to the doctor weds to dicuss my tests. I told my husband now I don't think I really want to know. Then I fear that she is just going to say she isn't sure yet either. And then I still won't know. Than I am afraid she will say it's Lupus. It's just all so scary. I guess I am confusing my self trying to figure it out. When I just need to face it that no matter what they say it is I will face it and I can't change it.

  4. kalley167

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    For Orachel

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