Oral & Maxillofacial Info. for all!

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    I have been shy on the board this week; had the horrific "bug" then I had to research the business about my mandibular problem. It took some doing but I finally found answers.

    The most interesting perhaps is that you can have poor facial bone density but not have osteoporosis! Also now harvesting, if necessary, can be taken from bone already in the oral cavity. If anyone is in the predictament I am in you will find this site very, very helpful. www.atlanticoralsurgery.com; it took me days just to get to that location. Go tomorrow for a panoramic. Cactusl
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    Diabetes and overlays.....what a deal! I go for my panoramic tomorrow. The locals here have offered no acceptible solution so, as was the case with my chest wall tumors, I am looking for a oral surgeon with some guts and alot of knowledge!

    My primary doc is scared that the diabetes will cloud healing and my dentist who did the orignal oral work does not think psychologically I can withstand a year of heeling from a bone graft!

    Well after being missing in action I located info, modern, that addresses' almost everything these hometown favorites have missed; besides that it isn't their speciality.

    You would not believe what can be done. One procedure is the elevate the sinus membrane and place the pins in the upper jaw; then with "buttons" on the front inside of the lower mandible, have a denture overlay.

    With an edentuous situation, your body absorbs the bones of the oral cavity and it can be severe enough to cause death if not corrected by placing a feeding tube and removing the enlarged tongue and you then have a tracheotomy!! Hope this can be avoided! CactusLil';