Oral surgery is scheduled

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    for March 5th. I am to have all of my top teeth (10) removed & (3) bottom molars. This has to be done due to bone loss brought on by Graves Disease. I've fought long & hard to keep my natural teeth, but I have lost the battle. I will be left with 8 bottom front teeth, which right now show no sign of bone loss. I had to have 4 teeth pulled last year, plus I never got all of my teeth. Only ever had 28. I will be knocked out via IV, that is if they can locate an none egg based anesthesia, as I'm now allergic to eggs. Once I'm well out they will numb me up. Oral surgeon said we may run into a problem with 2 teeth, whos roots are super close to my sinus cavity. I could end up with "holes" in my sinus cavity, which they will try to repair if this happens. I will have "immediate dentures" put in for top only. I have to wait 6 months for the lower partials. Dentist suggested it be best to let the lower jaw heal first.

    I went loaded for bear, LOL. Had several articles, for dentists & surgeons, printed out & gave a copies to my dentist & the oral surgeon. I explained in detail my problem, as the surgeon has never worked on a patient with FMS before! I left with a script for Vicodin.

    I'm taking a week & a half off work, just in case I end up in a flare. I haven't had any surgery since I was dx'd with FMS/MCP. Actually the only thing I've ever had done was tonsils removed at age 4 & my stomach scoped a few years ago!

    So after this is all over I'll fill you in on how things go.