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    has anyone had oral thrush only in throat w/symptoms of burning throat constantly. have taken nystatin for 2 weeks . not much improvement. thanks for any replies. mimic
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    sorry in wrong forum. cant get it deleted.
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    One of the moderators should be able to move your message to the appropriate forum. :)
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    Are you on any other medications?? The reason I ask is that I had a friend that was taking Methotrexate for RA, and she came down with thrush in her esophagus and stomach. Dr couldn't figure out why she had it.

    I read her the side effects of Methotrexate and lo and behold, it was one of them...
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    am on quite a few but the newest was a yr ago. it was Prilosec. so I wondered if that had somehow caused it. thanks for the reply. mimmic