oral vs transdermal glutathione

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    Hi all. Thanks for starting this thread, it's been a great resource for me. I've been looking into getting some s-acetyl-glutathione for a couple months now (it's quite hard to get in Canada), and this forum has turned me on to some new sources :)

    I wanted to share this page; it addresses many of the questions posted here regarding different forms of glutathione supplementation, including and focusing on S-acetyl-glutathione. The author cites many sources for those who are looking for peer-reviewed research.


    I've just started using transdermal glutathione, but I'm hoping to get some oral acetylized stuff soon. The research I've seen shows that transdermal has the highest occurrence of side-effects (irritation, rashes) and is less effective at increasing plasma and whole-blood levels than oral liposomal glutathione. That said there does seem to be positive anecdotal reviews of glutathione creams in the Autism Spectrum community.

    Thank you everyone, I hope you're all getting a little better every day.

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    I wonder how sublingual glutathione would compare? It's a lot cheaper than the acetyl-glutathione. Source Naturals makes a product called Chem Defense which has sublingual glutathione.

    Thanks for posting the article!

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    Thanks for posting the link.
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    I used to get vials to dump in my nebulizer cup of glutathione. Then my pharmacy quit making it. It did help a lot. I think inhaling it like they do for COPD is very helpful.