Orb in photo and weird happenings....Need to share w/ believers

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by ilovepink4, May 3, 2008.

  1. ilovepink4

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    I took a photo of my daughter and her prom date (my daughter seems to draw orbs in photos frequently and so does her boyfriend) check out the photo in my profile...i will go put it in after I finish posting this...

    ANYWAYS! before I took the photo, my cell phone battery beeped and started to die...my video camera battery went dead and my camera's batteries needed to be changed and I had just changed them a few uses ago....

    I know spirits can drain batteries...it was really cold where I was sitting watching the Grand March/ the introductions of the prom kids and they walk through adecorated path at the prom and family and friends come watch....does everyone do this at prom??

    once i saw the orb, i thought about the batteries, instantly....of course my hubby is a non believer...boo on him...i need to talk to other people like me!!!

    okk....check it out!

    Pink PS..I tried to add the photo and it turned out huge! I don't understand?? I hope that you all can see it...the orb is big and right on the side of boyfriends face...
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  2. ilovepink4

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    Hi nancy....I have been in and out over on the Fibro board but I needed to talk about this tonight...and I knew I would get scolded over there!

    My daughter believes but isn't as excited about stuff...

    The orbs don't show in our home...it is always at our Performing Arts Center(daughter is a dancer and we take lots of photos of her there), and at church, at her friends house(which is old and was his grandmother's home), and at a new restaurant but with the SAME boyfriend in the photo....

    and, i have a baby nephew that causes orbs to show up...only him, not his sister...he is 2 yrs old

    do you think the batteries dying was a coincidence or was it a spirit??

    i believe my daughter is some kind of magnet...she has terrible insomnia...does that mean anything? or is she showing signs of ( god forbid,) fibro..

    what else would show that she is some kind of conduit to the "other side"??

  3. Forebearance

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    Do you know any dead people who would like to be there at your daughter's prom? Or do you think she is attracting random dead strangers?

    In my experience, if you acknowledge who you think it may be ("hi, Grandma") then the dead person will be happy and will stop messing with your electronics.

    I hope it was someone close who wanted to be there for the big event. :)

    My dead relatives happen to all be nice people, so although they like to show up for big events, they rarely do anything that would freak out the living people. [This Message was Edited on 05/03/2008]
  4. ilovepink4

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    My grandmother and I were very close....she died when Sydney, my daughter was 7 yrs old....sydney was very close to her when she was growing up....we went to her house twice a week to have lunch with her, when grandma had lunch delivered to her (Meals on Wheels for the elderly) I would buy my daughter and me a lunch from somewhere, and sneak grandma some pie or treats when her blood sugar was good....

    It could definately be her...she shows up in my dreams often....

    one time, when we were taking photos after a dance performance, I said, ok, is there anyone there? and the photos taken after I said that had NO orbs....and the first shots had lots of them...it was like they took off when I said that...so, yes, that is what you were suggesting...i guess i need to say it before I shoot on a regular basis!!!

    at the performing arts center, there are lots and lots of orbs....and the church lobby, too...what do you think it means when there is multiples?

    last weekend for youngest sons first communion, we posed for a family photo and right next to my daughter's wheelchair and her head was a very white orb...she also was a fav or grandma's...grandma left her wedding ring to that daughter...due to grandpa's request...he thought of her as a miracle child....she was only 1 lb 9.5 oz at birth, 15 weeks early.....(715 grams)

    it is getting to be such a common occurance in all our photos....my best friend ( a non believer) sent out xmas cards with an orb right in the middle of her 3 kids...i was surprised she used that shot because of the "flaw"...but, i think it was her mother...she died very suddenly of cancer in her liver...she was only 50 yrs old....that orb was HUGE above those kids heads! so cool! too bad my friend couldn't find any peace from it...

  5. sleepyinlalaland

    sleepyinlalaland New Member

    I'm just curious...do you use FILM or a digital camera?

    I don't think I've had any orbs in my huge photo collection, at least not in the photos I've taken since using a digital camera for the last 7 years. Think I might browse through my old film photographs and see if we have any ORBS!
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  6. springwater

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    i have never had an orb appear in any photo i took but believe they do appear and that they are the spirits of people in the afterlife.

    Multiple orbs would mean multiple spirits/ghosts wouldnt they?

    Where i live ghosts/spirits are taken as a matter of course. Ive seen shadows flitter by (and my dog saw it too) and had voices talking in my ear, one even gave a message which turned out to be true!

    I am always bemused when non believers try to pass off paranormal stuff scientifically like they do in some tv shows....

    Your daughter and her friend look lovely and it must have been such a wonderful event. The schools here dont hold proms. Not even school dances. The photo size seems to be like that...even the pic i uploaded came to that size whereas before it used to be a little smaller.

    God Bless

    PS I heard spirits/ghosts need to make use of electrical energy to manifest...that could explain why the batteries failed
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  7. Kathleen12

    Kathleen12 New Member

    I am a believer....to some extent. Last year, I went to the Myrtles haunted plantation and took shot after shot of the surrounding area. I came home and viewed what I had taken and almost all of them were full of orbs. So the next night, I went out to my old barn and took multiple photos which also showed lots of orbs.

    After my excitement, I went online and googled "orbs" and found lots of websites of paranormal experts who tend to poo poo the relationship of obs with the paranormal. It seems that most orbs are dust particles. The one in your photo could be a dust particle that is close to the lense and is being reflected by either your flash or other light source. Some orbs are merely small insects being reflected by light (I have a few of those on my photos and as I zoom the photo in, I could barely see the shape of its wings and body.). I fear that if you were to send this photo into an expert, he would tell you it was dust.

    I hate to be the one to poo poo on your parade, but that's just what I found out. Of course, experts aren't alway right, either! They do say that some orbs are spirits, but it is so hard to tell because there are many other causes of theis phenomena.
  8. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    But dust particles are everywhere. One would think orbs would appear in more photos than most but its not so. I suppose one method to put it to the test would be to actually put a dust particle on ones lens and click and see what turns up. Dont know..just thought of it.Lol.

    God Bless
  9. Kathleen12

    Kathleen12 New Member

    You can test this theory by giving your sofa a pat and take a picture (at night with your flash). I think the reason they don't show up more often is because the light of the flash doesn't always catch a particle. I have orbs in lots of photos I've taken. Some have turned out to be insects as I just stated and others turned out to be dad gum dust.

    I don't know....I sure would like for these to be of paranormal causes and would give anything to know that they are.
  10. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Yes, I've heard that, too, that perfectly round circles can be caused by camera foibles.

    When my relatives make the effort to show up in photos, they look like fuzzy white blobs, not orbs. But what do I know? Maybe dead people can do either one.

    I suppose multiple anomalies would mean more than one person showed up.

    The most fun I had was when I had my "aura" picture taken at a mystic type fair. All my dead relatives showed up to join me in the picture. I was so touched! The guy who interpreted the photos remarked on it. He said "Boy, you have a lot of spirit guardians." I laughed, because I knew it was just my relatives!

    But most of the time, the dead people I know don't bother showing up in photos. Even if your grandma didn't actually show up in your photos, I'm sure she was there, Pink. It sounds like the kind of event she wouldn't want to miss!

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  11. hermitlady

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    My father passed away in January. We took a lot of pictures at the Memorial Service which was at a funeral home and more pictures at my Mom's house afterwards. There were orbs everywhere! Especially in the chapel at the funeral home. We had taken pictures of the flower arrangements set up around Dad's picture and the orbs were all over the place... there were at least a dozen.

    One of my sisters is really into this kind of stuff. While we were watching him slowly fade away in the hospital, she was talking about all this spirit world stuff (she was getting pretty strange about it really). Anyway, there's a picture of her at my Mom's after the service and she has a huge blue orb right in the middle of her body. She was so excited, she was so sure it was Dad!

    The orbs showed up in pictures from 3 different digital cameras. Some of us had similar shots taken at different angles but nothing we could really compare. I had never really heard much about orbs until this happened.

    Forebearance...do you think you have some sort of psychic ability? Just curious, I've always wished I'd see a "ghost" but never have. I've gone to supposedly haunted places w my sister, but we never have experienced anything spirity:) I do know 2 different families that lived w spirits in their houses, but they never showed themselves when I was there...why's that? I guess I'm not their type!
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  12. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Hi, Hermitlady!

    Oh, I'm not psychic in the slightest! That's why I'm sure that any dead people hanging around me would be people who love me like friends and relatives. I would be no use to any other dead people whatsoever.

    I used to watch "John Edwards" on tv, and he said to pay attention to things that might be a dead person trying to get your attention, because they are usually very subtle. So I do. And he also said to acknowledge their presence. So I do.

    I believe that death is not the end of love. So I believe that my deceased loved ones still love me, and I still love them.

    I would not want to see a ghost, personally. That would creep me out! My deceased loved ones had better not pull anything like that! lol I know they wouldn't. They're far too sensible.

    I'd be kind of suspicious that any spirit who would do something like that would not have great intentions. I mean, you'd have to have serious issues to be clinging to places on earth when you could be up in Heaven.

    Your orbs in the photos of your dad's funeral sure sound like they could be spirits. It seems like a occasion when they would want to show up.

    That's cool that it meant so much to your sister. Maybe they made the effort because they knew she would believe it.

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  13. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    Pink, your daughter is beautiful! Love the gown!

    I am certainly a believer in the paranormal, and most things unexplained. I was a UFO sightings investigator for most of the 90's, and along the way heard many witnesses accounts of ghost encounters. I still keep up with the latest news, but just don't get involved in the legwork part of things. But I have studied all things paranormal.

    I am not sure how I feel about orbs though. I never have been able to convince myself that orbs were anything other than dust particles. Orbs are kind of a new thing that began showing up on photos in the last 10-15 years. With the invention of digital cameras, and smaller compact cameras, the space between the lens and the flash has gotten shorter. The angle of the light from the flash has changed, lighting up the area closer to the camera than it used to. So things like dust, microscopic water droplets, and tiny gnats that are invisible to our eyes, (which are focused on things further in the distance), are lit up by the flash and captured on film. You know how they say, "the camera sees everything"?

    On the other hand...
    Last summer my family spent the weekend at the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs Arkansas - an old hotel known for its ghostly inhabitants. I had taken their ghost tour on a previous visit, and learned the somewhat disturbing history of the building. Long story short - lots of people died there at the hands of a demented Doc who claimed he could cure cancer, and couldn't. He would do things like cut of a patients diseased limb, and replace it with a goat leg!!! Lots of unhappy spirits remain there.

    In spite of all that history, it is a beautiful place, indoors and out, high on a hill overlooking the village. My son and his wife were married there last summer and the whole family stayed there. My son was staying in one of the penthouse rooms at the peak of the hotel, supposedly the most haunted of all the rooms, and sure enough, the photos I took in that room showed orbs!

    I was using my compact digital camera, but I have never had orbs show up on any other photos I have taken with it. I took photos all over the hotel, but they only showed up in that one room.
    Incidentally, my son did have some strange things happen one of the nights they stayed in that room. And my daughter, who stayed in the room next door to mine was so terrified she couldn't return to her room. Earlier she had playfully been teasing the ghosts, talking to them disrespectfully. Then when she tried to sleep later, she was seeing things, hearing noises and feeling her bed move. I told her she needed to apologize to the ghosts.

    So there you have it. As a UFO and paranormal investigator, you have to first look for a down-to earth explanation for these mysterious type events and sightings. Then if you can't find one, it falls into the realm of the unexplained. I don't discount orbs entirely, I just personally need more evidence to be completely convinced they are not dust. But I remain open minded to the idea of them being spirits. And really, what I personally believe has nothing to with the validity of orbs being spirits.

    A lot of times, it comes down to what the witness feels. We humans don't have a firm grasp on the extrasensory powers our minds are capable of. But those powers are there, dormant in some, more active in others. So if you FEEL this orb is the spirit of your grandmother, it very likely is. Your 6th sense may be trying to tell you something.

    I do find it interesting that the orb in your photo is not round, but 5-sided like a pentagon.
  14. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Your daughter is so beautiful. Isn't it fun to have girls. I just put my daughter's picture up too of her prom.

    I also see the orb. How cool is that????

    Thanks for sharing
  15. Kathleen12

    Kathleen12 New Member

    ok, I went out and tested this theory of orbs being dust. And this is how I did it....

    First, I went out to our old barn where it has been said to be haunted, though I've never noticed anything out of the ordinary, and took about 75 shots from various angles and positions. Most of the shots had multiple orbs. These photos were taken just as soon as I stopped to take a shot. So I rested a moment in hopes that the "dust/orbs" would settle and they did. The longer I sat still the fewer orbs presented.

    Ok, so then I came inside and downloaded all these photos and rested a bit. I then went out onto my porch without haveing even touched the grass and took pictures of the barn from basically the same angels and there were no orbs at all. Of course this isn't scientific by all means, but I, myself, was curious about this theory.

    So then, I came inside and did basically the same thing to the interior of my 80+ year old house which is also said to be haunted and I have witnessed a few strange happenings myself. I took shots of various dark rooms with flash and found no orbs, but when I patted the furniture, sure enough...there were orbs.

    I must admit that some of the orbs from the barn area didn't look like the others in that these had disticnt shape and was not translucent. These were of a solid light type.

    Like I said, this is not to conclude that all orbs are dust particles but some may be and others could be of paranormal type. It's just so hard to tell.
  16. Doober

    Doober New Member

    "Ghost Hunters" fans here.

    I watch this show all the time and they also discount many orbs as dust or bugs. Although they do not discount all orbs, but a majority of them.

    The paranormal is such a interesting and eye opening thing. I do believe, although I have had a few unexplainable happenings that I would definately put it in this category.

    In fact, I have very rarely seen shooting stars. But, the morning my father passed away and I was at the home shortly after I got the call (Passed away in his sleep not too long before I got there). I went outside after I gave him a kiss and said some things, I looked up at the sky and I saw the start of a shooting star and watch it disappear.

    This was incredible and it gave me such comfort. We took photos in the home over the next few days when all the family members were there and there were orbs in some of the photos.

    Some orbs are just dust and bugs. Others are what we believe them to be. It all depends on the environment and who is in the photos.
  17. ilovepink4

    ilovepink4 Member

    sorry that I didn't return to my original postings...i forgot to come back....i am such a boob! I forget that i post stuff and then don't check my username thingy...i need to click that checkmark so I will get an email when there is a response....SO SO VERY SORRY!

    my daughter, same one that is in the prom photo....had her senior piano recital last night....it is now becoming rare for us to get photos without orbs...and my dad's camera has them in his photos, too...

    the recital was at a church and we get so many more orbs in our church and this church we were at last night...we have even had them at an old hotel...

    i can post some here if anyone wants to see more of them...if it is dust, we never had dust in our photos before...now we are plagued by it...and our photos are sort of ruined by all these darn circles....

    thanks for all your info, everyone...i just sometimes forget what I posted, especially if I took my ambien first!!!! hahaha!

  18. Debra49659

    Debra49659 New Member

    i must be a boob cause i can't see the orb by the boyfriend!!! grr!!!, BUT did you notice the smaller orb by your oldest daughter and a larger one by your daughter that was there for prom??

    really, they could be any number of things but with the drain of your camera and camcorder batteries?? i'd think it was a visit of an entity or possibly the spirit guides of your daughters.

    beautiful family by the way:)


    oh!, i see the orb now i went back...very faint though, not sure what to make of it.
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