Oregamax capsules and oreganol oil

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  1. NewEnglander

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    Hi there
    a friend of mine wanted me to try taking these products and was wondering if anyone heard of these.
    It is from the North American Herb and Spice co.

    the oregamax is made with 100 percent wild oregano and the and the oreganol is oil of oregano..

    It suppose to be a toxic reliever and also is suppose to get rid of candida.

    the thing is, its hard to digest and I don't know how well this stuff mixes with medication.
    I know there must be a number to call somewhere.
    the oil is disgusting, you have to put 2 drops in your mouth.
    I don't know if I can take my degestive enzymes with this.
    anyway, was just wondering if any knew of these products.
    thanks from Lisa
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    Just bought a bottle but haven't started it yet as I have a back deck to finish before I make myself sick (herx). I have heard about the burning. I think it says on the bottle that it can be put in juice. I hope it's not too bad because at $30/bottle, I feel obliged to take it!

  3. NewEnglander

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    My friend bought this for me because she is always looking for answers herself.
    I feed so bad, I dropped the bottle of the oil and spilled some.
    It also broke the dropper.
    I'm always dropping things.
    anyway, I can take this stuff with a full stomach in the morning only, it kind of rips through my stomach. ouch. it causes stomach pain, feels like needles.
    I have to take it with juice and food but only one drop, thats how potent this stuff is.
    I hate it, but will try.
    next I'm giving up sugar, hmm, that's a tricky one
    Blessings from Lisa
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  4. Shirl

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    You have the best brand of Oil of Oregano! I use it under my nose, as I cannot handle it under my tongue either, it chokes me.

    But others are putting one drop in juice, and it seems to be working for them. I have not tried that yet (kind of chicken to be honest here :) .

    It will work as an antibacterial under the nose when out in a crowd. It has stopped me from catching the flu for two years, but I forgot to use it once and I did get the flu.....

    Its also good to clear up a stuffy head or a sinus attack under the nose too.

    My dog had a 'hot spot' on his back, I put a drop of it on it and in a couple of days it was healed.

    I have also put a drop in the vaporizer when I had the flu to help me breathe. Its great stuff, but I sure can't use it under the tongue!!!

    Good luck.....................

    Shalom, Shirl
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  6. Steviegal

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    I had really good results with Oregano Oil. I used it for Candida and a parasite called Blastocystis Hominus. According to most of the literature, Oil of Oregano is one of THE most effective ways of getting rid of this common intestinal parasite (although I think technically it's a protozoa of some sort?).

    I ABSOLUTELY could not take the taste of the Oil of Oregano(ick, ick, ick) so I did the same thing I do for my Adrenal Herbal drops. Buy empty capsules at the health food store (or order the ZINC capsules from Swanson Vitamins on-line...they're about $2.00 for 100), empty them out, put the drops in the capsule, put the top back on the capsule and swallow. I did 15 drops, 3 times a day which I know is a lot, but my stomach seemed to tolerate it which really surprised me. When I was done I had a blood Candida antibody test by Immuno Labs in Florida and it was NEGATIVE. I took the drops a few minutes before each meal and took my digestive enzymes and vitamins, etc. WITH my meal. If you're taking probiotics, don't take them at the same time as the Oregano.

  7. Steviegal

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    The brand I was using was from www.bio-alternatives.net It was in a base of Natural Grape Seed Oil, and was Oregano Oil (Origanum Vulgare 85% Carvocol). And P.S. The bottle says DO NOT USE IN THE FIRST TRIMESTER OF PREGNANCY.
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    I take it in the drops, what I do is put it in an empty capsule that i get from the health food store. Next time I will just get the gel caps again.

    It is very potent!:)

    It seem's to have helped with candida and i did not catch my husband's cold.:)

    I alternate between oregano and olive leaf.