oregano oil / olive leaf extract..... questions?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by app5775, Jan 17, 2007.

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    I just got started on oregano oil capsules and I think I'm definately getting some better in the yeast department. Right now I need to combat the yeast beasts as much as possible since I've been on antibiotics and I'm concerned of taking too much in the way of prescriptions due to reactions I'm very predisposed to. I'd like to try to keep my protocal as natural as my system can allow. Has anyone tried taking both oregano oil and olive leaf extract at the same time? I need a curative and maintence dose and I'm not sure whats too much and I don't know if I'll have problems with taking them both at the same time or day. Any suggestions for those of you who use them? I'm taking them for bacteria, yeast and virus purposes. What little research I've done on both it appears they are both excellent in tackling all the bad stuff. I just don't want to overdue and "get sick" from too much of a good thing. thanks for any suggestions
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    Most natural products have very little side effects. If it's helping then continue.

    Olive leaves are eaten as a routine in the mediterranean and oregano is a spice. I've combined them in the past with no problems.

    I take Olive leaf 500mg 3X daily for Epstein-Barr.

    I also heard that Tumeric (spice) is also great.
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    Both of those are supposed to be very good. I plan to add olive leaf here pretty soon. I may try the oregano oil too. I hear that the Olive Leaf can be pretty powerful for some people and cause a herx so I would take it slow.

    Start at a low dose of Olive Leaf and see what you can tolerate. Then add the oregano oil. Just build up slowly so you can see what agrees with you. I think they should be fine though and hear that they work well.

    Take Care,
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    You should have no problem with taking both, however, some Oregano capsules are meant only for short term use, and can cause problems if taken daily for a long period. Oregano oil drops can be taken as a daily part of your protocol...with the added benefit of calcium as well as the anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial properties. Best thing is to check with each product's supplier, or your local health-food store.
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    I really like it but it makes me ache. That makes me feel like it is doing something. I didn't take them during the holidays and I have my sis here for awhile and I needed to feel my best so I am not make on them yet.

    Are you taking probiotics? I do and I really like them. It is recommended that you take them when taking antibiotics.


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    Olive leaf extract never did much for me. I think it was not strong enough to make a dent in my huge viral problem.

    A lot of people say that it stops working after a while. Stopping for a while and then starting again may help.

    My doctor highly recommends oregano oil for yeast and possibly other things like bacteria. I found that it was extremely helpful when I was trying to get rid of yeast, and take it sporadically now so that the yeast don't come back.