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    For anyone in Oregon, southern Washington state or even Northern California. I just want to keep everyone informed on my progress with Dr. Webster In Portland. I had my firt appiontment on Oct.11th and I can tell that he really wants to help us. He has patients all over and he specializes in fibro among other things that we could possibly have that goes along with this DD. He spent an hour and 15 minutes with me at my first appointment. That was amazing to me. He asked me every question under the sun clear back to when I was a child. Things I had totally forgot about became an issue.Just to let everyone know a little about him... He has fibromyalgia so it is very important to him to help others that have it to feel better. To find the sources and causes of our pain, fatigue,etc.He also told me that there are MANY things that we can try but I need to be patient because it will take time.(time is all I have...lol)He is also going to do most of my appointments over the phone so that I don't have to drive 300 miles to see him.

    So, for my first appointment here is what he started me on

    B12 shots(which no one here has tried yet)

    Vitiman D (that he sells, much more potent than over the counter)

    Nystatin(for yeast overgrowth which people get from taking antibiotics, even when you were a kid,which was my case...that I had forgotten about)

    I know this don't sound like much so far and many have tried all these things but it is a start for me. I will keep this post going whenever I start anything new. I have an appointment (phone) with him the middle of Nov. but he is doing a bunch of tests on my thyroid (different than the normal one that always comes back normal)I will have the results of them the end of the month. I will keep everyone posted. Thanks to everyone who has helped me thru all of this.Thanks so much to hob for telling me about him. Hugs to all ....Love Mick!!

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    I am in Central Oregon, had been seeing a doctor for FM a few months, but nothing being done, except "get some sleep". So I have now an appointment with a new doctor (rheumy) wwho has much interest I am told in FM. I am keeping my fingers crossed this one will work out.
    I know the other one I went to is part of the reason I was denied SSDI, his report was probably not ample.
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    Hi Fieldmouse,

    I am so happy to hear that things are progressing for you. When I saw Dr. Webster I was so impressed with how much time he was willing to take with me and that he and his staff were willing to work with me even while living accross the country. He too told me it would take time to feel better but the amount of hope I had after meeting him made the little bit of lag time seem very short.

    much love hob
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