Organic, Natural foods and illnesses.

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    Not sure if any of you are familiar with the movie of Food Inc. or The Future of our food, You will be amazed what is in our foods.. then we wonder why we are ill? and people get cancer when it is preventable!... and this business with the fracking.. There is no need for it..

    I started going vegan and I felt better.. until I picked up a bag from the store and now having isssues with trigger points up in my neck and down my shoulder and back. but we have to take a stand and do what we can to get back to organic foods and eat natural foods.. so we can try to get feeling better.. Get back to the Basics!..

    So many people eat the refined foods.. and soda and chips.. When we should not eat anything from a bag.. a can.. or a pkg.. it is all full of toxins and we with FMS and all of our illnesses as I said.. We could feel better.. if we stay away from all of it.. that includes Milk and milk or dairy products..
    Plus anything with the fructose corn syrup.. that is in the movie too..
    If You watch either or both of these movies.. You Won't want any of it!..

    We do not need milk.. only babies needed milk from the nursing Moms.. only calves need milk.. We can get our calcium and our vitamin D from foods..

    and when we if or who ever is able to do a garden.. Don't use regular seeds.. Go organic.. I am not getting any kind of recognition for advertizing for them but only trying to help others to see if You feel better from not eating it when it isnt any good for us.. Cookies and junk food.. if we or You can't pronounce it.. Don't eat it.. it is poision and causes Cancer..

    I was at a health seminar for a week and he said .. The Speaker and a Dr from Ca.. said we all need to get back to eating how God meant for us to..
    It isn in the book of Genesis..
    Fruits, Vegetables, nuts, whole grains and legumes.. that is what we are supposed to be eating.. but eating all of the other stuff that Man created.. that is unhealthy..

    Hopefully if everyone stops eating the poisions and toxins.. We can feel better!..

    Here is where You can listen to videos and check out what this Dr has to say.. He is a missionary.. doesn't get paid for any of it..
    not posting the www but it is .. NorthernLightsHealthEducation ..[This Message was Edited on 05/17/2012]
    I do have to say I do feel better other then the pain with my neck and shoulder.. I sleep better.. and You are getting alot of water and fiber so You aren't constipated..
    According to him.. we can be healed from alot of things if we change our way of eating..
    He is an excellent speaker,, he had it on cholesterol, our weight, osteoporosis and arthritis, hypertension, diabetes and there was another but I forget what it was at the moment. lol.. but he has alot listed on there.. [This Message was Edited on 05/17/2012]
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    Right.. I use the almond milk.. which isn't too bad.. I haven't had boxed cereal for they are really bad with the high fructose corn syrup.. I usually use maple syrup on my oatmeal in the mornings..
    My Daily menu is really.. 1/3 cup of old fashioned oatmeal.. with 1 to 1 1/2 cups of either blueberries and rasberries, a banana and then I sometimes have about 6 walnuts.. but the past few days I have been crushing them up in my blender for the Oral Surgeon told me to stay away from really hard crunchy foods.. which is hard to do much raw foods..

    for lunch I usally have a big salad.. which is only the mixed greens with a tomato with avacado and a couple of olives.. They have a recipie for a salad dressing on that site but.. I sometimes just use lemon and a few tiny pieces of garlic.. I suppose You could take the avacado and mix it up and try to add a tiny bit of olive oil then I have either a sweet potato or a white baked potato.. I did just start to add either a piece of salmon or an organic burger .. but I don't want to get in the habit of eating meat every night for that once You cook it creates acid in our stomachs.. then that flares up the acid reflux..

    For about 4 days I only had two meals.. and at night would have a piece of fruit for The Dr in the video.. suggests no food after 5:30.. plus.. To drink about 6 12 oz of water a day.. Which has really helped me.. for before doing this.. I would wake up and my urine would be really yellow but since doing this.. my urine in the morning is barely yellow at all. plus my nails are growing nicely..

    I hope this helps others.. I know too.. I only take the synthroid.. which my Dr did order some norflex but I haven't dared to take that stuff living alone.. I don't know how I will react to it and I am afraid to take something and fall and or pass out from it. For that has happened before when I was married to my ex.. he threw the pills down the toilet.. so I haven't dared to take anything since.. I am glad that You feel much better with doing basically the same thing.. I eat bread but it is wheat or whole grain.. I make my own with the bread machine.. so I try hard to make my own stuff as much as possible.
    I don't eat any sandwich meat at all.. not with the nitrates and all the sodium..
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    Back to the future. No GMOs, no additives, preservatives, modifiers, stabilizers. Buy plain and simple food and prepare it the old-fashioned way. Ok, I cheat and use the food processor to grate and chop and the KitchenAid mixer bread hook to knead my whole-grain bread.
    I cook a large batch of soup, for example, and freeze single servings, then thaw and microwave in glass ONLY containers. That way I build up a variety of soups in the freezer and on days when I'm not feeling so welll, all I have to do is thaw one out and heat it up.
    It's so easy to grow a small patch of spinach and lettuce and an heirloom tomato plant or two and some herbs in pots or in a flowerbed and have your own salad ingredients. I trade food and veggies with friends and neighbors too.
    Cooking smart is not only more nutritious, but it is also very cost-effective. To me, it means a lot to know what I'm eating...and what I'm not!

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