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  1. Nikki

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    My SIL has started selling the product Organo Gold Gourmet Coffee and Gourmet Cafe' Latte.

    She is a nice lady, but I believe she is being scammed. She is ready to quit her job to sell these products. Supposedly this stuff is good for Fibromyalgia and anything else one might be suffering from. My husband gave her $30 just to stop her hard sell of this product to us; but he fully believes this is a pyramid scheme. I think giving her money just contributes to her belief that this product is good. But, she is my husband's brother's wife.

    Is there anything that I can do to convince her (in a nice manner) that she should not quit her job in order to sell this stuff full time?

    Thanks . . . and soft hugs!
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    Sharon, you might want to suggest to your S-I-L that she hold onto her day job until her sales' earnings match or exceed her current salary. Sometimes it takes a while to build up enough clients to be earning decent money. If it is a scam, she will soon figure it out and be glad that you suggested that she hold onto her job. :)
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  4. Nikki

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    Most definitely will tell her she should hold on to her job until she is able to make some money selling this product. She teaches at Head Start and I believe Head Start is cutting back on salaries . . . at least, that's what she is saying. It sounds to me like she is easy prey under these circumstances.

    There is a ton of information on the Internet re: this company and their product.

    Thanks for your reply.
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    Nikki people have been trying to talk me into getting that product too and all I know is that the prices of this product are so ridiculously high that I can't imagine that in these economic hard times people will actually buy this product. There are way cheaper products in the market to replace coffee for those who can't tolerate it but do want to drink similar beverages. She should inform herself in how many of these companies sales are actually users drinking this stuff and how many of the sales are simply signing up other people to market this stuff to find out how legit their sales numbers are and how reasonable her chances to actually earn a living without having to drag in other people are.