Orif ankle surgery broken fibula

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    I had surgery on the 26th april and am in a cast i displaced my fibula only and didnt have staples or stitches just steristrips. I have 5 screws and a plate in my ankle. my cast comes off in 2weeks which will be nearly 2 months of me being in a cast and unable to walk and i am very nervous about how i will feel when i learn to walk again i am getting married end of june so really want to be able to walk by then can anyone share any of there experiences with me or give me any tips. i ahve been very good resting my ankle alot plus still getting some movement around in my house so that i am getting some excersise my consultant told me 2 weeks ago my bone is healing nicely and he was happy with it. and he thinks i can walk right away once the cast comes off but i been reading online that some people have taken months after that untill they can walk. I am a busy active person so i really need to get back to work and orgainise my wedding properly. I have also been able to do some stretching excersises as my thigh has become a little stiff but the doctor said that could happen too.
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    Have your doc order some physical therapy to get you back up on your feet. I'm so sorry you had to have surgery. I pray for a good outcome and a wonderful wedding.

    Love, Mikie