Ortho apt. tomorrow about surgery, what to say or ask?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by shelby319, Jun 28, 2006.

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    Good day to all~
    I do have to discuss this rotator cuff surgery with my ortho Dr. tomorrow morning, which he already has my MRI report and reports from my family Dr. I have seen this kind and wonderful Dr. many times for surgery, but never since having fibro and I'm afraid he might say alot of the pain in my shoulder besides the obvious reports.... is so bad that maybe we should just go and do the surgery without trying other options.

    Is there special questions that I should bring up before the surgery that would be important to both of us? I don't need anymore medications, thank god for my great family Dr., but would it help to explain certain conditions with the ortho Dr. before he decides to do surgery or perhaps if he decided to try PT first or anything else like massage therapy, or anything? I'm so confused right now as to what to say to him and extremely nervous, I've put myself into a bit of a flair up over the stress of the apt.

    I tried to look everything up for my own info, but the more I looked up, the more confused I got. He will have to be extremely gentle too, while he examined me? I think what I'm trying to say is...I'm hoping he will not say lets go ahead and do the surgery seeing your in alot of pain because of the tear in your shoulder without realizing alot of the pain is also from the fibro!! Hey, I think I just said what I wanted to ask in the first place!!!!!! LOL!!!!

    Please forgive me, as I've said, I'm a nervous wreck here and I know I won't sleep one bit tonight!!! Does anyone have any answers to probably these very confusing questions?

    I hope everyone is having a somewhat painfree day!!
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    inpingment (sp) and bursitis in my right shoulder, and had surgery in 2000 for it. I put the surgery off for almost a year trying other things, like cortisone shots in there, anti-inflamatories and the like. I worked out at the gym also and did lots of stretching etc. I still ended up with the surgery, I had acromioplasty, and a joint resection. I also have a wonderful ortho and he did this arthroscopically.

    The surgery absolutely fixed my problems. But, nobody told me how much pain I would be in. I don't know if rotator cuff surgery is as painful, but I really wish someone had warned me. I would reccommend a 23 hr stay if your hospital has a short stay unit. That was at least you can try to get the pain under control. I wish I had done that. Ice, ice ,and more ice helped also. I thought I'd be out of work about 3 wks, but it ended up being 6 wks.

    Hope you feel better about the appt., write down your concerns so you won't forget them when you see him.

    I am glad I had the surgery, but wish I had been warned about the pain after. I tell you this in case you decide to do it, you will know ahead of time.


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    Here are questions I have asked several surgeons who performed procedures on me.

    1. How many times have you performed this procedure?

    2. What is you success/failure ratio?

    3. Have you lost any patients on the table?

    4. How much pain will there be after the procedure?

    5. How long is the recovery time?

    6. Do you close or does an assistant?

    7. Do you use the same team most of the time?

    8. Have you/your team ever had pre/post operative discrepancies in surgical materials count?

    9. Do you believe post operative pain reliever should be given at least 20 minutes before the allotted time due?

    10. Have you ever been sued for malpractice because of negligence?

    Good luck with your surgery,

    Karen :)

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