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    My feet swell up like balloons, or like two footballs .... you get the idea!

    I used to have so much trouble finding shoes to wear. I could not get any on my giant swollen feet!

    I have a pair of the Crocs Rx ... the "medical" type for diabetics or people with other foot problems. They are great. The have a wider and deeper toe box as well as a toe guard on them to protect your toes. I wear them a lot on the warmer days. I bought mine over the internet because you can't find the Rx type in stores ... at least you can't in my area.

    Another pair of orthopedic shoes that I have and wear all of the time (whenever I'm not wearing the Crocs Rx) are these shoes made by Dr. Comfort. You can buy these online or at your local shoe store, medical supply store, or pharmacy that carry shoes for diabetics.

    I am a diabetic and therefore, get these paid for by Medicare and my secondary insurance carrier.

    They are called "Annie Black" by Dr. Comfort. They are PERFECT FOR SWOLLEN FEET! You can look at them by going to the Dr. Comfort website. The tops of the shoe are breathable and stretchable Lycra with a Velcro closure. Where the top is stretchable, they will accommodate your feet, no matter how swollen. When you buy them, Medicare will also pay for special insoles to put in them.

    For the insoles, you place your foot in this mold material and the insoles are then custom-made to your feet.

    They shoes are sooooooo comfortable. I wear them when I am going out to Walmart, the doctor, whenever I am going to be gone all day.

    In addition to my feet being swollen all of the time, I also have diabetic neuropathy, and a partially numb foot and numb two toes due to a pinched nerve in my back.

    If you are a diabetic and need these to be paid for by insurance, you need to get a prescription from your doctor for the shoes.

    As far a looks, these shoes are not that bad. But then, when you have feet that hurt like mine and you can't get them in any other shoes, they look wonderful!

    Dr. Comfort also carries many, many more styles that don't look like orthopedic shoes! For men and women. I wish my feet weren't swollen and I would get a leather pair of "regular" looking shoes. They also carry special athletic shoes.

    All I can say is that, if I have to wear shoes, I'm glad I have my Crocs Rx and the Dr. Comfort "Annie" shoes! (P. S. I am a nerd and HAVE TO wear socks with my Crocs-- can't wear them barefooted.) LOL