Orthopedic Surgeon Toledo Ohio??

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    Can anyone recommend an Orthopedic Surgeon in Toledo Ohio for Hip Replacement? I have one in Ann Arbor, but don't like the hospital that much. Just wondering if someone has a good word about a surgeon in Toledo and which hospital they can recommend? I also posted this on the Arthritis Board. The Fibro Board seems to get more traffic so thought I would post here too. Thanks...Pattie
  2. A friend of mine who lives in Toledo goes to Dr. Frogameni in Toledo , she had knee surgery and loves him, he is the top dr. acccording to her.

    I found out address and phone for you:

    Dr. A. Frogameni
    2865 N. Reynolds Rd.

    Be prepared though he has a wait to see him since he's the best.
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