Orthopedists and Fibro

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by dhcpolwnk, Jan 21, 2003.

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    I saw my psychopharmacologist (a psychiatrist who is trained in pharmacology and can help me negotiate the land mine of meds and their interactions with each other and with my MS). Among other things, he suggested that I see an orthopedist about my shoulder pain. He doesn't think the pain is from fibromyalgia. He seems to agree with my primary care doctor, who had diagnosed rotator cuff tendinitis, but just gave me an exercise sheet didn't refer me to an orthopedist. (My neurologist referred me to a pain clinic, but they haven't set up an appointment yet.)

    Has anybody else dealt with orthopedists? Is there anything in particular that I should watch out for? I'm going to check Devin Starlanyl's site to see if she has a handout for orthopedists, and hope that if so, the orthopedist I see will be willing to read it.

    Meanwhile, my oral surgery (tooth extraction) is scheduled Thursday, I have a PT session coming up on Jan. 27 (which I hope will help, not hurt), and I'm overdue for some other tests. How are we supposed to find the time to go to all these appointments and still live a real life? <grrrr!!!>

    --Laura R.M.
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    about orthopedists. Also, many of them just don't believe that FMS is real. Mine is great for textbook ortho-type problems, but if it's something he cannot "fix" in a matter of a few weeks, he pretty much washes his hands of you.
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    I have seen Orthopedists since 1972. They could never find a reason for all of my pain. I went to a pain clinic five years ago and said right off that I had FM. The orthopedic took me out of work in 1988 for right arm, shoulder and neck pain. I believe that it was Fm all the time. I do get life time Workmens Compensation for the right arm, shoulder and neck. Medicare pays for the rest of the body.That is how I got my SSD. Good luck. Gail
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    What kind of pain do/did you have in your neck, shoulder and right arm? That's where most of my pain has been recently. It feels muscular--no tingling or burning sensations. Mostly, there's a tenderness my upper right arm (and achiness), as well as a feeling that it's been bruised. In addition, I have almost constant achiness in my shoulder, neck and shoulder blades. Finally, when I move my arm in certain ways, I feel a sharp pain in my shoulder, my elbow and/or my thumb and wrist.

    Two of my doctors have said they *don't* think this is from fibro, though neither tried saying I don't have fibro. That was the reason for the referral to orthopedics--if in fact the doctors ever really followed through and made the referral. (I can never be sure of that. I usually have to follow up myself.)

    I really would appreciate knowing more about your experience with neck, shoulder and arm pain. Did the orthopedist help you at all? Did it turn out to be fibro? Does my description of my pain sound at all similar to what you have experienced?

    Thank you for sharing this information with me.