Orthostatic Hypertension anyone?

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    I mentioned this in another post to someone and thought I'd make my own thread about it so I can find out if anyone else has this problem: "I have Orthostatic HYPER (not hypo!) tension. My blood pressure is between low to normal when I am sitting and within seconds of standing and trying to walk, my blood pressure goes way too high. This last December I had a stress test and *two* minutes into my test, my blood pressure went from 130/80 to 220/120 (approx.) and my heart rate went up to 160. I wasn't even walking very fast yet! We had to stop the test about 3 minutes into the test as I was having problems. So then I had to have a chemical stress test."

    It's like the blood rushes to my head too fast and then it feels like something is squeezing my neck and preventing the blood from going into my head right. Sometimes I hear loud swooshing, and sometimes I hear my heart beating loudly in my ears. (I also get the swooshing sounds and heartbeat sounds when I go to roll over from my back to my stomach when I'm laying in bed.)

    When I stand to walk I get dizzy and I can feel my blood pressure rising fast and sometimes my heart beats fast and skips. I've had this problem for many years but it has gotten way out of control now. I'm now on 25 mg once a day of Atenolol and it's still not helping like it should (the higher doses made my blood pressure too dangerously low.) Other beta blockers work better but they make my daily diarrhea worse (severe IBS) and I'm trying to get pregnant (at 45 years of age) so we don't want me on anything stronger than what I'm taking.

    By the way, I don't know if this has anything to do with the blood pressure problem, but I have Meniere's Disease and have terrible tinnitis and am losing my hearing.

    I read on the internet that orthostatic hypertension is rare. Anyone else have this??

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    I REALLY appreciate the time that you took to answer my post. I have considered that I have POTS before. I had an allergist test me for postural orthostatic hypotension (he is actually an internist but has never practiced as such) and the test was negative.

    I don't think he did the test right, because he did the test right AFTER he had me FAST WALK in a long hallway for 5 minutes so he could test me for exercise induced asthma. He said "lay down for about 10 minutes" after I had excercised but the nurse came in after like one minute to test me. So he comes in after the nurse finished the test and I tried to tell him that when I came in there my blood pressure was 110/70 and now it was 130 something/80 something (I forget the exact reading...) and he acted somewhat aggitated with me that I had suggested to him that I had a postural orthostatic problem and it was negative. I felt like I had waisted his time. He didn't say anything to me... it just seemed like his demeanor had changed. When I was laying down on the exam table my blood pressure was 130+/80+ and it was basically the same after I stood up. But if he had tested me before the exercise, he probably would have seen that my blood pressure would have jumped from 110/70 to 130/80 from the simple task of standing up. One day I tested it at home and it went from 110/70 (ish) to 145/85 (ish) by just standing up and walking from my bedroom to my kitchen. Weird, huh?

    Anyways, that dr. assumed when I told him that I was having a postural orthostatic problem that I meant postural orthostatic HYPOtension, not postural orthostatic HYPERtension. It wasn't until I got home that day that I realized that I didn't even properly explain to him what was going on with me, so how would he know what to look for.

    I do think that I have an autonomic disorder of some kind for sure. I fit the symptomns to a T.

    Now as far as the POTS goes, I'll have to test myself a few times a day and see how fast my pulse is and how consistent it is. Sometimes I don't notice a fast heartbeat but I still have the other troubles I mentioned earlier, and sometimes I do notice the fast heartbeat and I know when I have that, my symptoms are worse.

    Again, thank you so much for replying!
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    just wondering...
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    I have hypertension but it is very easily controlled by a beta blocker. Yours sounds scary to me.

    Maybe someone else will see this and relpy. We'll send it around again. Sharon surely does a great job of sharing things, doesn't she? What a doll.

    May I ask what the doctor does to control this condition? Sounds like a tough one. My best at getting things under control soon...and making sure the doc did the test right, too!


  5. NightAngel

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    Sue, my dr doesn't seem to think it's serious, or perhaps she doesn't think there is anything that can help me. I even mentioned it to the pulmonary dr I saw recently (2 of them actually) and they said that it sounds like orthostatic hypertension caused by a autonmomic nervous system problem. I don't know what's worse... the pain I have or the orthostatic hypertension problem. I wish I could afford to go to the Mayo clinic... I'd like to see some specialists and get ALL my symptoms all sorted out. They are many LOL

    CindyLou, I didn't see your posts. I originally posted this post in May 2005. I just came back to the board and bumped it up, hoping there would be someone that has the same thing. I'm glad but yet not glad, that I have found someone else that has this. Isn't it horrible??? I worry that I will have an aneurysm someday because the blood goes to my head too fast. The blood pounds behind my eyes. In fact, sometimes I can feel my eyes bounce from the pulse of the blood. Which I hate, cuz my eyes are already weird to begin with. They're super big like Betty Davis eyes or Susan Sarandon. Hmmm maybe that is why they got so big, cuz of such forced blood flow to them LOL Are your eyes big by any chance? All kidding aside, I'm sorry that you suffer with this, too. Take care honey.
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    I have been going through some tests lately and the conclusion was that I have some kind of dysautonomia.

    I have posted on that recently. I swear that the symptoms are worse than those of FM.

    But as Vilke said it is really hard to draw a line between POTS, FM and CFS. Certain symptoms overlap, those with POTS or other dysautonomia often have CFS, or at least they have the diagnosis.

    If you want proper diagnosis find a specialist in your area, you need to look for electrophysiologist, which is a branch of cardiology.

    Also, there is a DR in Toledo that everyone with POTS seems to go to, his name is dr Grubbs.

    I wish you all the best. I hate this thing myself.
  7. NightAngel

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    CindyLou, I'll go look for your posts. Thank you for letting me know about them.
  8. NightAngel

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    Laspis1, I've never heard of an electrophysiologist. I doubt there is one in my area and I belong to a clinic based HMO (similar to Kaiser) anyway and couldn't be referred to one. Hmmm I wonder how much it would cost to see a specialist like Dr. Grubbs if you have to pay out of pocket... maybe I'll check into that and start saving for it.

    Thanks for the info, I appreciate it : )
  9. NightAngel

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    I did a google search for Dr Grubbs in Toledo and it showed me a few different Dr Grubbs. Do you know his first name? Do you know the name of the clinic he practices in? Thank you : )
  10. laspis1

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    Sorry, his name is Grubb, not Grubbs

    Dr Grubb's phone number at the Medical College of Ohio is:


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