Osteoarthritis after living with FM?

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  1. Manwithfibro

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    I am only 39, buy my body cracks and pops like an old man.
    After living with FM for so long, am I getting osteoarthritis?

    I am so stiff. I stretch it out but it doesn't loosen me up much. I have tried umpteen billion supplements and nothing helps the cramping and stiffness. IF I get looser, it only takes a few hours in bed to stiffen me right back up.
    My calves and legs are always mega tight as is my lower back.

    Any thoughts about this?

    What do you say to a very unsympathetic mother in law who
    asks "Why do you look so tired?" I have tried to explain a billion times but it is like talking to a wall.
  2. BethM

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    Gosh, I wish I had answers for you. All I can say is I have similar symptoms, yes I have been diagnosed with OA and FMS, and am terrified about a possible RA diagnosis on top of that. As far as the muscle tightness goes, keep stretching, gently. I really believe that much of our pain is from muscles that tighten and refuse to release, increasing the trigger points and increasing the pain. If you can find a good BEGINNING yoga class with a teacher who will not push you to stretch beyond your limits, you might want to try that. I've been taking such a class for about 6 months now, and my hips are much looser than they were. I can sit almost comfortably cross legged on the floor now, couldn't do that before. I think the trick is perseverence.

    As for your mother in law, you could tell her, looking her straight in the eye and with a straight face, that her daughter keeps you up all night...

  3. laeaurra

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    Has the unrestorative sleep issue been expalined to her?
    Unsupportive, under educated relatives drive me nuts, as I have had several such " crosses" to bare.

    Have you tried educating her about the sleep issues that go with FMS.People with FMS do not get to stage 4 sleep regularly. This the restorative level of sleep that is past the dreaming levels. Medications doesn't always correct this adequately. Thus no matter how many hours os sleep you get, you body is not getting the effects that many hours of of real sleep because it doesn't stay at stage four very long being instead interupted by awake sorts of brain waves.

    Recent studies, have also shown that muscles of FMS suffferes have less of the biochehimals that muscles use for fuel in the cells leading to decreased aerobic activity. Your muscles themselves are exhuasted and under fueled. You literally do not have enough of the energy producing molecules in your muscle cells. So your muscle tissue is exhuasted right down to the cellular levels.

    Does you mother in law go online? You might provide her with
    links to sites written by doctors. Some peole need the info fromauthority /expert figures to get past the deial. You could try printing such pages and copies of medical study repeorts relating to FMS for her.

    I have an FMS survival guide sort of book that has lots of research study info. It is not with me her at my desk, but later wil post some of the study specifics that I often quote when people are on my case about " What is your problem?!". When that doesn't work, I become less tactful and say something like

    " I suffer from a currently incurable medical condition. Fortunately, a lack of compassion and intolerance can be cured. You might want to look into that."

    I have also at times made someone who was being a real jerk about it count the pill bottles I keep in my medicine bag , usuallay between 7 and 10 bottles depending on how bad the current flare is. " That is what I have to take to even be able to get out of bed.

    But that might not be a good thing to say to your mother in law. I found that many people need to hear the words "suffer from" to understand us. Saying "I have" doesn't carry the same impact. It makes it sound like a possession, not the debilitating painful "disease" it is.

    I have found it essential to keep only those who are supportive and add more than they take any in life since I became so ill. I have only so much energy and up time.
    Everything, these days, has a cost of pain attached to it.
    Pain has become not only a constant unwelcom companion but also a form of currency. While I find it worth my time and pain costs to expend energy with my children, I do spend it on those who show an unwilingness to deal with who I really am and what I really go through.

    I have found that some people are even affraid when we descibe our symptoms accurately to them because it is just too much to hold in their minds so they want to deny to avoid having to image what it is like. Ihave this trouble with my husband who keeps forgetting certain things and has developed the idea that since I am constanly in pain, that the pain levels don't really matter so he gets stupid and does things that increase my pain unnneccissarily until i get back in his face and make him look at the whole picture. for my spouse it is worth it. But I had to gave up trying to make his family see months ago to stay sane and maintain self esteem. I have lost many realtionships, I had mistakenly thought to betrue friendships, because I was unable to keep up with the healthy people any more and few could stand things like my only being able to watching a movie on the vcr from my bed when it is really bad with them. fortunately I still one or two who will do that and even rent the video without expecting me to be able to go out and get it.

    I also have to remind myself that other people's denials of the truth of my suffering and their intolerance are their problems. I have relieved myself of the responsablity of making them feel " comfy" about what I go through, with the noted exceptions of my children who are very young and needy and fully deserving of whatever time it takes to explain and to reassure them that this illness will not steal their mommy away from them. I'll respond is they are really getting in face and cusing me levels of stress that
    can't be ignored, but other wise, I let it roll off.

    Inever thought, I'd ever have to be quite so blunt even into harsh to people, as I have strived to be a loveling, tolerant and generous personmy whole life. But my skin has been forced to thicken, even when talking to doctors, who I sometimes have to remind that I am a person, not a case study and that even if their protocol said the last set of prescriptions should have worked, it didn't.

    Sorry to have rattled on so much. I just feel we all need to share what we can and to communicate that we understand each other, even if most of the wold, is stillignorant and doesn't have a clue.

    Take care,


    I have some Osteoarthritis begining and degenerative disc disease in my spine. Once I started treating that in addition to fibro it did reduce some of my pain. FMS has a whole long list of other disorders that tend to occur with it. Everything we have needs to be treated no matter how trivial it might seem as evry little reduction of pain helps make the whole barable.

  4. Manwithfibro

    Manwithfibro New Member

    Do alot of FM people have this grinding, popping, cracking all over, especially when stretching?
  5. kredca4

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    that other's can now hear me when I Snap, Crackle and POP.

    The ankles are the loudest, so far, but a few week's ago I was sitting at a table with another gal, and when my neck Poped, she turned and looked at me, and asked if I hurt?
    I said no, then we started talking about FMS, and OA and how it makes everything on me make some kind of noise.

    I just thought of something, it really dosen't Hurt when my Bone's pop or crack, it feel's better for awhile. Hmm?

    I had OA dx before the CMPD, then the FMS, but I probably had them in different order, just the Dr's getting around to finally figuring out whyI wasn't getting better.

    You might want to see an Orthopedic Doctor, they are the best I have found, then also I have a Great Rhumotologist, I find the PC doctor's lack the most wisdom when it comes to FMS. and other Condition's, like OA, and SS, and DDD, etc.

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  6. Manwithfibro

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    I always thought OA was either from old age or from traumatic injury to a joint? Baffling.
  7. kredca4

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    I have a Nephew who has been dx with OA. His mother and his Uncle both have Anklosing Spondilitis, and we were worried that he was getting that also.
    So far his blood test's are negative to the AS factor that show's in blood test's. Can't remember the exact term that is used, brains goning crazy today, and I'm having trouble remembering the right words I want, so I try to come as close as possible with another, you ever do that?

    Don't be too afarid of having OA, and FMS, you can get the Pain undercontroll, just have to work at it, and try different, med's, excerise is very Important, any kind that you can manage to do. I walk on nice day's, cold day's kill my knee's and ankle's. I have an excerise cycle, that I use everyother day, hurt's the back if I do it everyday.

    Then on the day's that I hurt real bad, I go to bed, rest, but I do get up and walk around the house a few laps, so I don't get blood clot's in my legs.

    You might want to type in Osteoarthritis, into your search engine, you can find lot's of infor there, plus check into the Arthritis board here at this site. Great Info from other's who suffer with both.

  8. JannyW

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    Hi there Man!
    I have OA in my neck and probably my hips, as well as FMS. I've also recently been diagnosed with osteoporosis in my hip and osteopenia in my spine, so I really creak & pop when I move around.

    My OA, I believe, was the result of two auto accidents which injured the same part of my upper back & neck. The fibro pain actually started in my lower back and had been going on much longer.

    I have a mother who simply can't grasp the concept of my disability ... it's the old "but you look so good" syndrome. I've given up on snappy come-backs.

    Jan ^v^
  9. Mikie

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    If you do a search, you will probably find more info on this. I did a post on OA from Dr. St. Amand's perspective. It was more than I'm up to retyping at the moment.

    Love, Mikie
  10. Applyn59

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    What is the difference between OA and arthritis?
    I pop and crack, too.