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    Was told last week by my doctor that I had osteoarthriis, just by an elevated Sed rate 41. I'm wondering how can they decide which kind of arthritis you have? He did no x rays only blood test. I have no changing joints or nodules, just aching in the joints. Anybody else....
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    Have been to my Primary Physician, and two Rheumatologists in the last year, and they told me I have osteoarthritis. (I figured this out already). They all said this condition does not show up on a blood test, it is a diagnosis made by the "doctor", sometimes with the help of an x-ray, which can document the damage to the joints, but I am not so sure to believe them quickly.
    Apparently, rheumatoid arthritis shows up on a blood test, not osteoarthritis. However, I have yet to find a definition or hear an explanation that tells a decent difference betwwen the two...I have painful swelling joints on all fingers of both hands, with nodules, and many joint aches.
    I have been told that the swelling is not supposed to hurt anymore after a month from onset, but Just Tell That To My Fingers!!!!!

    Must be a new version of "Talk to the Hand". LOL

    This info from my Drs. contradicts the info from yours. Maybe they can't get their stories straight. :)

    Good luck, thank you for your post. Stay Strong.
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