Osteonecrosis and CFIDS/Fibro?

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  1. Adl123

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    Dear All,
    In this month's AARP Bulletin, there is an article about people who have taken Fosamax, Actonel, or other like meds., and Osteonecrosis.

    The article mentions that this is characterized by pain and or ulceration of the jaws, and, I would add, the upper gums and pallate.

    It seems that this problem arose after patients underwent soome invasive procedure, like a tooth exraction (or a root canal).

    This Osteonecrosis can cause one to lose teeth, as it destroys the bone.(I have already lost 4 teeth from my upper left jaw, and 3 on the right).

    My doctors in California have attributed my CFIDS/Fibro to Osteonecrosis, caused by root canals. I have had scans that show areas of dead bone in my jaws, and those were confirmed by biopsy.

    This dead bone area spreads, and,if something is not done about it, will continue to do so. I have areas of Osteonecrosis (from root canals) from the top of my scull , through my jaws and neck, down through my shoulders. I cannot take antibiotics, so who knows what I will look like in 10 more years?

    So, if you get blisters or swelling, anywhere on your gums or uppre pallate, or if they get really sore and raw, please investigate. Who knows if this condition really triggered my CFIDS/Fibro? My doctors surely think they did, though.


  2. lisagra

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    i have the same dx here in n ca...wonder if we're seeing the same ppl. any treatment proposed?

    tx, lisa
  3. Adl123

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    The Dr. who suspected that I had this problem was DR. Tufft, in Oakland. He had CFS once, and discovered this link with root canals, in his search for help. He has had more than 70 CFIDS patients who have improved after getting rid of these infections.

    The other Dr. involved was Dr. Swann, an oral surgeon, In Milpetas. He is the one who did the operation for the biopsy and who gave me the pertinenet information. He is great!

    I'm sorry, I cannot recomment Dr. Tufft, as he "stabbed me in the back" when I applied for Disablity. The letter he wrote for me was so full of mis information,
    it could have been written for another person. It misrepresented me and my smptoms and circumstances, and I was denied.

    I'm sorry you have this. Good luck. I hope things get better for you.


    p.s. Are these the doctors you know?

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