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    Lynn, yes I would think a good osteopath would be really helpful to you right now. Is there anyone else other than the one who got wrapped up in his ego and judgements?

    I am a little confused on what Osteopathy really is, but if it's going to help me, I'm very interested. But, i did notice some personality and ego influences on the Osteopath I saw today. I get so much conflicting info from each doctor, partly based on their own beliefs, I don't think any one of them has all the correct answers for me. But they all seem to like making blanket statements, like your doc did that anyone who makes a single spaced list is obviously anxious.

    What is Osteopathy exactly? Do you know? How does a doctor get qualified? How often is one supposed to go?

    I am really excited that this woman might be able to fix my problem in only a few appointments. but, found it very irritating how she pooh-pood pain meds in the meantime. She's an MD! If she can't fix me instantly and I'm in intense pain, then why not give pain meds??!!

    Also, I don't understand why places I go to for my back and neck problem that are supposed to specialize in injury rehabilitation don't have massage tables with adjustable headrest or massage seats so I don't have to lie flat, nor automatic door openers. I just don't get it, other than we are definitely in a recession...

    where are the docs who know about my problem, who've seen it before, who understand that I can't lie flat and who have automatic door openers????

    Maybe I'll find that at neuro appt, it's in a hospital.