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    Hi everyone!, just wanted to let those who don't know about it learn about the 'perrin technique', you can research online, its a osteopathic technique designed specifically for M.E./CFS and the guy who designed it Raymond Perrin has just been awarded a doctorate for his 12-13yrs of experience on M.E. and developing this technique, he can monitor how bad you are from physical signs particularly in frontal forehead area, brain/head, neck, thoracic and spinal cord areas and is having great results with it, he massages and moves the body in certain ways so as to help toxins drain out of these areas, hes found scientific proof they lie there,
    am starting the technique soon so will update on how it goes, not sure whether its reached states yet but is being learnt over england and he has his clinic in london,
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    I read about this and was very interested but I don't find anyone in the States that knows about it. It even encouraged me to go to an osteopath, although we weren't a good fit. It is also hard to find an osteopath here who does cranial work (who is actually trained for it).

    Please do let us know how it goes. I see you didn't have any responses to your post but when you post during off hours that tends to happen. I'm sure others will be interested to hear as well.

    Good luck with it.

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