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    So I just found out I probably have it thru bone density scan. Had first scan in 2000, said a little on low normal take more calcium and exercise more, then in 2007 even lower but conflicting advice from docs then this time lower still, in the osteopenia range. I do not plan on taking meds just for simple fact I doubt i can tolerate them, no reason to think I could , can't handle prilosec, valtrex, ssris, snris, zantac, hormones etc so why would fosamax be ok, i have aproblem with phase 2 of detox.
    Anyway, has anyone else gotten this yet? I went into menopause young 45, all done, was on pill when real young then off by late 20s.....I wonder if not absorbing nutrition could tie in or just genetic maybe....I walk a lot and do stretches but have PEM and feel worse if lift heavy stuff so limited there.
    The technician said a lot of women who get the scan told her they use strontium as an alternative to I ordered some of that.
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    oh one other interesting thing about this---I used to eat organic yogurt daily for years, it was my main staple, I love it with raw sunflower seeds and sometimes brewers yeast or spirulina mixed in, anyway, had the Alcat sensitivity test per Cheney in 08 and learned my immune system reacts to certain foods etc so eliminated most of them, and dairy was one, and I did notice months later when I ate dairy again that I got achier the next day, figured out a definite correlation after trying that about 10 times spaced out in last 2 years so dont usually eat dairy anymore.

    But it did cross my mind could my bone density have taken a dive due to no dairy? i have heard that dairy is overrated for calcium but I am not sure. I dont want to feel the achiness dairy brings on now that I am aware of it but like I wrote in another thread I rebelled and had some organic kefir today anyway, I wont be surprised if I feel worse tomorrow. I am wondering though with these elimination diets, if perhaps we eat stuff every day after awhile we won't notice the slight flare it causes, maybe build up a tolerance? I am tempted to eat dairy for a couple weeks, if I can handle it, and if eventually I dont notice the achiness anymore than stay on it. Dairy is one of those things in cfs that has a lot of pros and cons on both sides of the debate. I have noticed the achiness flare even with goatsmilk kefir that is organic so quality isnt the issue w/sensitivity.
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    Hi Jamin

    I have to get better about taking more magnesium. I see you take 600 mg. Does it bother your stomach?....or maybe it's better :)

    Also, I just posted about Malic acid. Do you also take that. I have a book that says that is good for us too.
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    jam or others, do you remember what the ideal timing is to take the dif minerals?
    This year I started taking cal earlier in day and mag at night as I thought the former promotes energy in myself and I know mag is sposed to help relax muscles. I didnt know it mattered when I take strontium. How about malic acid, any timing with that? I just started it couple weeks ago can't see any rad dif but for good measure...
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    yay or nay?
    my doc told me this week to start it once a week and increase the minerals and the d.......
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    I have had significant reversal of osteoporosis with the use of fosamax.
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    cordy, how long did you take it before noticed improvement? I wonder if I add dairy back in, in form of organic yogurt, and take strontium and cal mag religiously at the higher doses they would let me do another bone density in 6 months to see if improved and if not then I could do fosamax. I just don't know what i will do if can't tolerate it, break it down.
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    I have a bone density every other year. I'm not sure having one in 6 months would be that productive.

    I had osteoporosis as well as osteopenia at a rather young age, possibly connected with a relatively early hysterectomy. Scared the crap out of me when they said "you are at risk for fracture" !!

    I went back on synthetic hormones (Evista) for a while as well as the fosamax.

    be sure to keep up your vitamin D. I'm not sure that the yogurt and oher calcium will actually help to build bone at this point, but may help prevent further deterioration.