osteoporosis anyone have it here?

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  1. Just wondering. My gyn dr. said I have osteoparena now , which I guess is the beginning of osteoporosis from what she said. I am supposed to start taking yet another pill for that, just what I need, as I am trying to slowly go off meds as I don't feel they are helping me with the fibro. Does anyone else have it, and what do you take? The strange thing is, I have always taken alot of calcium, since I had a hysterectomy years ago.
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    I do not have it, but I am at high risk. I have OA and I am lactose intolerant. My grandma has osteoporosis and she tried fosamax for a bit. I gave her such upper GI trouble that she stopped it, after a trip to the Er think she was having a heart attack.
    The new drug Boniva she hasn't tried. She is nearly 80 and I think she would rather not take any new meds, she has a rough time with them.
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    I have it too, just 1/10 of a point away from osteoporosis in my lumbar spine. I went through months of misery with acid reflux caused by Actonel. Fosamax is known for causing similar upper GI problems. I stopped taking Actonel and am just continuing with calcium, magnesium, etc.

    I was very inactive for years due to bradycardia, which I didn't know I had. Now I have a pacemaker and I'm able to be up and around more. I hope the "weight-bearing" will help.
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    I have osteopenia. I have had back pain for many many years and when I was younger they told me I have scoliosis my T-Spine to my L-spine is curved almost to a question mark and then 4 years ago they told me that I had a bone density test and they said that I have osteopenia.


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    Yes, I have it, too.

    I have been taking Fosamax Weekly with no problems; however, I have read a lot of stuff about it recently where they are advising people to go off it.

    The suggested replacement is Evista.

    I'm going to ask my Rheumy about it on my appt. this Friday.
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    Regarding Calcium....Is there a particular type that you take that is very good & absorbed well by the body? Also, I already take Magnesium, but I've heard that you shouldn't take Calcium and Magnesium at the same time....even though a lot of products bundle them together. Is this true, that they are better used by your body if taken several hours apart?

    I was close to Osteoporosis, acc'd to my last test; since then have gone through total menopause, so my next one is likely to be worse. I'd like to find a good, absorbable brand/type of Calcium, if anyone has any ideas.


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    I have this too. My Mother had severe osteoporosis so I am trying to avoid it. I take calcium, magnesium, d3 and whatever else is necessary to help absorb the calcium. I also take strontium. It hardens bones and it is safe. It is not the radioactive strontium 90. It is the one found in all human bones. You can google it. I also do weight bearing exercise. Dr. Lapp says that if you do circuit training(with weights) you can do 4-8 minutes and rest for 4. Do this several times and he says you won't relapse. I have been working out at Curves and so far I have been able to do this I have read that taking more magnesium or equal amounts to calcium is better. Also, calcium citrate absorbs in any kind of stomach environment. Calcium carbonate is the hardest to absorb. I think calcium bis-glycinate is also good. Jess this
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    Fosamax is supposed to do something with disintegrating the jaw bones ... or something like that. I think Actonel is also supposed to cause the same thing.

    I have read that if you take either of the above, you should ask your doctor about Evista. This is not supposed to do what Fosamax is and be the best alternative.

    I asked my Rheumy about it yesterday and he told me YES for all people, EXCEPT those who have Lupus -- which is me!!!

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    Add me to the list too. I take Fosamax, 70mg weekly. Just started taking this last year after a fall I had last year. At first, when I was Dx, they said diet and calcium, etc. like I said, with my fall, they didn't want to take the chance.
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    Count me in also.

    I slipped on an icy patch in '00, fell and broke my pelvis. I was 52 at the time and Dx'd (once I was able to walk again and go for the Dexa-scan) with osteoporsis.

    The ortho that treate me said my bones were comparable to those of an 80 yr old. I finally excelled in something! 8^) Hmmm, too bad it wasn't something useful or profitable, eh?

    As a child I drank so much milk my mother used to complain about the bills for the milkman (remember them?). I nursed my children and drank anywhere from a half gallon to a gallon of milk during that time (two sets of twins).

    I stopped drinking mild when I reached about 40, give or take, I certainly had a steady intake of calcium up to that point. Can't imagine what shape I'd be in now if I wasn't such a milk freak way back when.

    As for the Fosamax and that type of drugs -- back in 2000 my doctor wanted me to take it, but I have problems with swallowing, so that ruled me out as a candidate for it.

    I always had a bad feeling about it. It was too new and I felt uncomfortable with a drug that could so dramatically alter one's bones. I wasn't too surprised when I read about the osteonecrosis a few months ago. I wouldn't have taken it, I don't think, just glad I had the swallowing problem (in this case) to keep the doc from pushing it on me.

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    I had my bone density done a month ago, the tech said I was fine. Five years ago I was above normal. I received a copy of my report and it says I have osteopenia. I was told to take 1500 mgs of calcium per day, took it for three weeks and had the big "c" stopped the calcium and the "c" went away. Now what do I do? I was taking caltrate. I also take foltex which is 2.5 mgs folic acid, 25 mgs B-6 and 2 mgs B=12.

    Guess we are forming a new group here, like we need this also.

    Hugs to all, Linda

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    My doctor sent me for a bone density scan a couple of months ago. I'm 49 and still having monthly cycles, but I guess he wanted to have me checked for this now rather than later. Well to my surprise the results showed very early stages of osteoporisis. I was shocked, but then not so much so when I remembered I really didn't exercise regularly in my 20's and 30's and after high school age, I didn't drink milk that often. He immediately prescribed Fosomax, however, I refuse to take it. I am working on it naturally and I pray this improves. I have been exercising faithfully for the past 4 months; I take calcium/vitamin D supplements every night; and I have improved my diet.
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    Good post, let's keep it going.

    I have pretty severe osteoporosis especially in my hip at -3. I was taking Fosomax in my late 40's and then Actonel. I'm now 54. I swear it affected my teeth and have all my teeth except one, root canaled and crowned.

    I now see a doctor who practices integrative medicine and I'm trying to go the natural route--cal/mag, 1000mg Vitamin D, vitamin K and BioSil (natural silicon or is it silica). The worse part is trying to walk more and exercise with having FM/CFS and MPS. But I have to do it, for weight bearing exercise.

    He said if my bone density doesn't improve a bit, then he likes Boniva, but now I'm thinking about asking him about Evista. The only side effect I hear from my friends is that you sweat alot with Boniva--like hot flashes again.

    Let's check in periodically and see how we do--maybe we can have an osteoporosis board????

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    I have just been diagnosed this year with it after I fell off my couch in late January and shattered my wrist.

    I too have had a hysterectomy. Mine was in 1991. What my Orthopaedic surgeon said was that even though I was taking hormones until last year, it wasn't enough. He said I should have been on Calcium all along as well, but I never looked into it to find that out. I now regret my ignorance in trusting that the Doc's would give me what I needed and that I didnt need vitamin supplements.

    I take my vitamins now!
    good luck to you.