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    I have had osteoporosis for years and I did take Actonel for a little while, but it did cause headaches and stomach issues. I have been taking citrucal and magnesium and trying to eat really healthy, yet my bone density is still pretty bad.

    I don't believe in the new shots. I'm really sensitive to meds and these are quite new.

    I was told again to try Fosomax, because I really need it. I haven't yet - because I have heard these drugs make the bones brittle. I may have less dense bones, but haven't broken anything (thank God).

    Any suggestions about what to do with Osteoporosis? Also, does this condition make your bones ache? Just curious!
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    and bone health. I was told probably 10 yrs ago I had osteopena, but have not had bone density test since then....with age bones break down, keep away from steroids for sure..if you can at all costs....

    In recent yrs I take much more magnesium vs calcium....of course the Vit D3.

    WHy not consider an integrative MD vs a conventional MD who push these drugs on their patients...I would have a hard time taking those drugs.... good thoughts to you....not fun with our "older" bones. jam
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    Hi Fosomax has a terrible reputation. They have found that all the osteo drugs have the same problem. If you take them for more than a year, they actually break down bown.

    Fosomax is connected to femar breaks. That's pretty dang serious. I have bad osteo also. They make good bone buliding supplements today. You need more than just mag and calcium. The new supplements are more complex.
    At times my bones ache very bad. I don't know weather it's the osteo or the fibro.

    I'm also taking natural estrogen cream which is very good for bones also. It doesn't have the high risk of cancer that the synthetic estogens have.

    Take care,
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    it's a mineral vital for bone health....my level was low back in 2005 when I had a mineral panel done...I take manganese daily...some good bone support products do contain manganese....I think Standard Process has a bone support with manganese just to name one.
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    on bone health:

    To support bone biochemistry, it is important to eat a healthy diet free of refined foods and drink adequate amounts of water to prevent dehydration. Ensuring adequate intake of vitamins D and K is also a must.

    Mineral support is very helpful for providing the bones with the raw materials it needs to optimize bone health. Magnesium, boron, calcium, copper, manganese, and strontium are all minerals that help strengthen bones.
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    Tania, has your doctor checked your Vitamin D levels [25 (OH) D]? A lot of doctors are still very much in the dark where Vitamin D is concerned.
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    Hey, TaniaF!

    I just went looking for something for my mom to prevent osteoporosis. She takes plenty of calcium, magnesium, and vitamins, but it wasn't enough to prevent her bones from cracking easily when she had an accident.

    So I went to my favorite health food stores and found out that silica is needed to keep bones flexible. It helps the body make collagen, which is the matrix that calcium attaches to inside bones. I've tried Bio Sil and Super Silica so far. I want to keep my bones flexible, too! I like silica because it feels detoxing for me.

    I also found a product by Jarrow called Bone Up that contains powdered calf bones. I'm not sure if I feel comfortable taking that. But the health food store owner swears by it because he said he's seen a couple little old ladies reverse their osteoporosis by taking it.

    I don't trust those medications for bone health, either. Not when there are such wonderful supplements available that accomplish the goal.

    So I hope that helps!