Ostio/Leukemia /And Estrogen?? Please Help

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    My mother’s new doctor just ordered this and my mother is fit to be tied. She had wonderful news her first visit with him. He told her if she hadn’t had told him she had Leukemia he would have never known, her blood work came out clear. This was wonderful news as anyone knows, but her concern now is this Estrogen, Progesteron combo he wants to put her on at the age of 78 years? She was told it would help with her Ostio etc.. Does anyone have some advise on this issue. At the age of 78 years, The last thing my mother wants to worry about is lumps in the breast and all the other risk that come with taking Estrogen with past problems of "strokes," (blood clots) heart problems ? Etc. she just never heard it done at this age. She ask if she should get a 2nd. Appt, possibly from an arthritic specialist or bone doctor. My mother feels so good these past several months and says that if the Leukemia has leveled out, then, let’s thank God for THAT and not try to "fix" anything else at her age. Why run any more risks?
    The name of this new prescription is PREMPRO 0.3mg/1.5mg tablet one a day.