OSU Design Student- Project based on helping those with arthritis

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    Hello :) My name is Jenna Moomaw and I am currently in my third year at the Ohio State University studying Industrial Design. Our current project deals with designing a tool to help someone. My Aunt has Rheumatoid Arthritis and I have seen how it affects her life, so I was hoping I could create something to help those who live with this condition. I have a short questionnaire that would help me get a better idea as to what it is like to live with arthritis. I am thinking about designing a manual toothbrush, but if you have any other ideas please share them! I would greatly appreciate any information you are willing to give me. Thank you!

    1. How long have you had your diagnosis of arthritis? What form were you diagnosed with?
    2. At what age were you diagnosed?
    3. What tasks in your daily routine have you had to change due to your arthritis?
    4. Do you find yourself avoiding certain tasks because of pain or inability to flex/bend your fingers?
    5. How has your grip strength been affected by your arthritis?
    6. Are there any specific tools in your daily life that you find more difficult to use? (Ex. Knives, pencils, toothbrush, garden shovel) If so, what about the tool makes it difficult to use?
    7. Are you able to hold a pencil between your fingers or do you need your palm?
    8. What type of toothbrush do you use? How often do you use it?
    9. Do you have any difficulty holding or using your current toothbrush?
    10. If you use a manual toothbrush, have you thought about buying an electric? What would stop you from buying one?
    11. Have you had problems getting your teeth sufficiently clean using your current toothbrush?
    12. Is there anything else about your condition that you would like to share? All information is informative and helpful to my research.
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    I just spent well over an hour typing out answers for your questionnaire and when I tried to submit them, the screen just went blank. Then it said I was logged out. I don't know if I spent so much time that it just disconnected me or not. Anyway, I am very upset!!

    I just can't do it over now. My back is in too much pain sitting here. I'll try again later if you still need this info.
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    Hi JLH: Just a suggestion, then you make your own decision. These boards are boards for us and those coming in with school projects, research, etc. can really go to other places to find the information they desire. Also, anyone who doesn't have arthritis could fill out the questionnaire on the internet and so their questionnaire is not accurate at all.

    For this research, the person could and should prepare the questions on paper, go to local arthritis support groups in the area and show credentials, and do the survey and discuss her project before that group. The group would probably be eager to participate and hear what she is doing.

    But here on the board, we don't know that other person on the other side of that sign in name, and since they only come here once, they aren't here to participate with us, but only to get something from us.

    Also, it is way too easy to do school work over the internet and it requires no effort except putting a post on boards. Instead, they should be doing telephone and leg work investigating the places in towns and cities near them where they can appear to present their potential project and work to get that information they are asking for.

    As you have noted, all the other members have passed this person by and it may give you an indication of how we can keep these type of people off the boards that are supposed to be for our use--not their school work, school projects or school research.

    JLH, I hope this has given you some info to think about.

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    Thanks for your comments and advice. I agree with your two.
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    Hi JLH, don't forget that you're a good person and you were trying to help out and that's a wonderful thing to want to do. Except that I learned a good lesson in Florida.

    When I was in Florida, we had teenagers going through our development selling magazine subscriptions. As the one teenager starting talking to me at my door a police car pulled up. The officers demanded identification from the teen and the teen wasn't even from Florida. The teenager stood there and in front of me recounted how him and the others were gathered in vans and brought to the state to sell these magazines.

    The police then told me it was all a scam and no magazines sold ever arrived. The teens were doing this throughout many areas and finally the police converged on our development gathering up all the teens and getting the van driver and the van. Apparently the teens got paid something, but the van driver kept the rest of the money and there were no magazine subscriptions.

    It showed me how easy it is to want to help a kid who pleads that they're from a school doing school work or trying to raise funds, etc.--yet that wasn't true.

    So the best thing is to NEVER respond to any of these on the internet. If you e-mail them, they then have a live and good e-mail address, which you don't want to give them. Unless you know the child or person coming to your door selling subscriptions, I learned don't open the door. I didn't grow up feeling this way, but the real world shows you that you have to change. Take care and nice to meet you.

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