ot/2 thugs broke my 10 yr brothers jaw

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  1. smiffy79

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    my brother tried to help my daughters 8 year old friend when these two boys took his football.
    my brother stood in and said thats not fair give it back!
    one of these (older) kids shoved all my brothers friends back down an alley while the other (i believe to be about 16) gave him such a beating his jaw was broken--the dr reckoned just a fraction of an inch to the right and they would have killed him.
    when he heard the break he just got up and walked off leaving him on the ground.
    i have just spent the day in a&e with my brother and i am livid! its taken all the self control i can muster to stay in and not go looking for these thugs!
    ohhhhh i could batter them!
    my poor brother-he looks like a hamster-and it looks as though he will be a sickly as i was as a kid as an infection has set in already! it seeped up his jaw towards his ear.
    i hate these thugs on my estate as they walk around as though they own it!
  2. CFIDSNicole

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    Oh my goodness!!! How awful!

    I hope your family will press charges--sounds like the thugs could use some time in the slammer. What a bunch of bold little punks.

    It sounds like your brother was very lucky.

    I love hamsters (see my profile), but it isn't good to have a person looking like one!

  3. mtnfla

    mtnfla New Member

    I really hate hearing stuff like that.Our prayers are with you and hope a speedy and safe recovery..

    CAn you brother identify these thugs?If so I would definetly make sure charges are pressed.

    I went a similar thing with my son in he was in 6th grade,he was jumped 15 to 1 and had to have a total nose reconstruction and was out of school for a few months and had to be careful how he did things for awhile afterwards.

    Luckily he was able to identify the one that gave him the blow to the nose,plus a Teacher witnessed it all and decided the best thing was to come forward and get involved.

    About a 3 months later he started having black out episodes and seizures.He was in a home bound program from school most of the remaining school years.

    A teacher would come out twice a week,missed his prom and couldn't get a license til he was able to go a whole year without a episode( he was a Senior the year he got his license and managed to stay in school the majority of the school year than the episodes started up again.

    Luckily (knock one wood) he hasn't had one in about 4 years,but it robbed him of most of his childhood,especially the teen years.

    Hope your brother is doing better,take care..
  4. smiffy79

    smiffy79 New Member

    yes he knows who they were,actually i can see the one familys house if i look to the front-right and the others is too my left if i stand in my front garden,the latter of which i have pressed charges against my self for theft and criminal damage.
    they are a horrlble family-the mother on drugs and the number 3 son steals to feed and clothe the younger ones and the dad always in prison!
    the youngest always out in wellies the same jogging bottoms and no top from first thing in the morning and are usually still out when i caome home from dog training (about 9;30) in the evening and he is still only 6yrs old!
    i dont know much about the first family only that the kid who attacked my brother is always in trouble.
  5. sheried

    sheried New Member

    I am so sorry to hear about this. You need to press charges so that kid won't keep thinking he can get away with this kind of thing.

    I hope your pain doesn't get out of hand. And, that your brother is on the mend. That infection sounds nasty and painful. Anything involving the ear usually is. Do they have him on antibiotics?

    Gentle hugs,
  6. Smiffy

    Smiffy Member

    This is so awful & so very frightening for a little boy to have to deal with mentally as well as physically.

    I hope the attackers will be brought to justice soon (for attempted murder,& not just given an ASBO, they're treated as badges of honour). Can you get up a petition to have them removed from the neighbourhood?

    Let us know how your brother progresses & tell him we're all wishing him a speedy recovery..
  7. lvjesus

    lvjesus Member

    that is sad for all concerned, your poor brother and those neglected children as well. I do think they should be punished, but it is awful that they have to live like that.

  8. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    the mindless violence in the UK is so frightening, they dont care who they target and they dont care how old.

    Poor wee soul is going to be absolutely terrified when he goes out.

    I hate those yobs too and they are everywhere. I get scared for my son and he's 23 because he's not a 'chav'.

    I dont know what to say, it's just disgusting.

    I hope your wee brother heals okay. I would want to do more than batter them smiffy.

  9. neen85

    neen85 New Member

    I can't imagine! The best thing that could happen is for those children is to get taken away from their parents....especially before the 6y.o. turns into a thug too. I hope the ones who hurt your brother also get due punishment and are removed from the home.

    You will both be in my prayers! Daneen
  10. smiffy79

    smiffy79 New Member

    the police will take "up to 5 days to come out as none urgent" non urgent! they are left out on the streets thinking they can carry on!
    the gp who treated my brother said it wasnt the first he treated this year by those thugs,apparently he knows the two familys well because of the amount of kids he has fixed!
    i think that speaks volumes.
    my brother has been out and about to show them he is not scared of them.
    his face is still a mess and very swollen,eating,speaking and smiling is hard for him,he has had friends in to see him every day so he sits with them on the play station so at least he isnt lonely.
    all he is worried about is going to court,but there were plenty who witnessed it so we are hoping it wouldnt come to that but its british justice so anything can happen.

    and as for asbo and 'crasbo' or whatever it is,yes they are worn like badges/awards,my next door neighbours daughter has a friend with an asbo for bullying so the friend has been getting the girl to do the bullying for her! i saw it going on and put a stop to it alerting her parents.

    it makes me soooo angry.
  11. justjanelle

    justjanelle New Member

    consider getting counselling for your brother as he recovers physically. The phsycological recovery may take longer than the physical recovery.

    My son has been 2 years recovering from post-traumatic stress syndrome from being physically attacked (strangled until he blacked out, separated neck vertebrae etc.) by a much-older boy.

    Best wishes to you both,
  12. smiffy79

    smiffy79 New Member

    my god some ppl!

    my brother is like me in some ways - he stood up to the thugs which is why they did this but now he is making a statement by going out and about and making sure the other kids know who did it.
    he is putting a brave face on it bless him but thats got to be better than staying in and letting them get to him.

    i hope your son gets over this awful ordeal soon so he can too stand tall stick two fingers up and get on with his life :)
  13. JLH

    JLH New Member

    I just hate thugs like this! We have a lot of that going on in our country, too, and it really saddens me to think that it's so unsafe on the streets -- what can our children do?

    I think I much rather see all the thugs, young and old, gang members, etc. be locked up rather than the person who sold one marijuana cigaretts to somebody!

    This is senseless violence and should not be tolerated by the law anywhere!!

    I don't know how British justice is, but I hope those thugs get what's coming to them, and that that one family gets Children's Services called in on them and their children taken away.

    I hope you brother has a speedy recovery and that his infection gets cleared up really quick!! Please tell him that we are soooooo sorry this happened to him, that we will keep him in our prayers, and that we are also proud of him that he did the right thing in trying to get the football back!