OT: A funny for the PTers...most can be applied to FMS/CFS too...

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    Top Ten Reasons to Appreciate a Pituitary Tumour

    (10. Understanding all the terms used on TV medical shows.
    (9.) Chairs/beds never feel unused.
    (8.) Creative sleeping schedules.
    (7.) Easy access to steroids for all your friends.
    (6.) "Don't sweat the small stuff" becomes your favourite saying.
    (5.) Discovering assertiveness skills you never knew you had.
    (4.) The merits of frozen dinners.
    (3.) The true meaning of having a GOOD day.
    (2.) The redemption derived from knowing it really WAS "all in your head,"
    (1.) Never would've met all the other cool people with the same problem!

    I was on the telephone with my sister earlier and we have decided to name my tumor Lucy...LOL.

    We are one warped family... :)


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    ...thank you for reading my post. I found it while doing some research.

    I feel I should explain a little...my sisters and I grew up with our mother having Schizophrenia...along the way...for some reason we used humor as our way to cope with a very difficult situation.

    I just do not want anyone to get the wrong idea. I am not always upbeat...far from it. I do a lot of screaming, crying, asking, and a lot of complaining. I am however very warped in the humor department...LOL

    prickles...thank you for the good thoughts...I hope Lucy behaves herself too.

    Anyway...oh yea...did I mention...I tend to get off track a lot?...LOL

    I have a very good friend who had to have a kidney transplant years ago (she is doing great with that)and she named it George (the kidney)...she has CFS BTW.


    Karen and Lucy :)
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    ...fight and prickles.

    I agree laughter is the best medicine...if only we could bottle it....

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