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    I wanted to start a new post so everyone would see that I responded. I only have a few minutes to post so bare with me!

    I just want to THANK all of you for all your beautiful well wishings!!!!!!!! It means so much to me to have all of you here. YOU ALL ARE AUNTIES and GRANNY'S!!!

    Thank you for telling me how beautiful Landon is too! It is funny because I was really freaked out he was going to look like an alien! LOL Of course even if he is ugly he is beautiful to me! LOL

    Gosh there are so many posts on here that I want to respond to but I just don't have the time! So if I do wind up posting to one's issues and not someone else's, I AM NOT IGNORING anyone!!! I really just have limited time. You all remember how it was! LOL

    Landon is doing so awesome! He is just such a great baby! He doesn't cry all that much and is just really great!

    Of course I have to admit I have been pretty weepy the past two days and I saw my OB yesterday and he asks that if I don't get better by the end of the week to come back and see him.

    I think most of my problem besides an incredible shift in hormones is that I am having a hard time dealing with Landon's delivery. I feel that maybe if I could have been prepared a little that I could be dealing with it better.

    YES my son is okay and NO there are no long term effects from his delivery but I can't stop thinking about it. I NEED to stop dwelling!

    What keeps going through my head is the first time I actually got to "see" him.

    I found this quote last night and I am going to share it because I believe that we can all probably use it in our lives about something. (I collect quotes.)

    "You can't have a better tomorrow if you are thinking about yesterday all the time"
    -Charles F. Kettering

    Okay all I need to get going. There is so much more I want to tell you! I will indeed post about my labor sometime soon!

    LOVE AND HUGS TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    kate (thanks for being such a great family to me)

    P.S. My husband got me this really cute Valentine's Day card that is from "Landon". It is the cutest thing ever!!!

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    What a joy to hear from you today! I'm thrilled that all is well with you and hubby and new little Landon!

    I suffered from postpartum depression with my son, who was my first. It's okay to be weepy ... like you said, your hormones are shifting and are all over the place! But it's no shame to ask your doctor for help either, so don't think you're being weak or silly or incompetent if you need something to help you through. I'm glad your doctor is watching over that, he sounds like a good doctor.

    Please hug on that precious angel for all of us here!!! And I'm praying for you to get some much-deserved rest.

    Love to you,

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    I'm so glad for your joy! Having a new child is wonderful and I wish you all the best in this experience.

    It IS a lot of work having a newborn, sin't it? Amazing how your life changes. But, hang in there and things will even out.

    Thanks for sharing all your experiences...we love being grannies and aunties.

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    I've been "out of the loop" for a while, but I drop in on the message board every now and then and I've been reading about your progress with your pregnancy. I'm so happy for you, you have a marvelous little boy there.

    Just wanted to let you know I had post-partum depression after my son was born. I "just didn't feel well". I thought it was just the hormone mix-up. My son was the 2nd child, so I had been through the hormone changes before.

    When I went back to the ob for a follow-up and told her my symptoms, she diagnosed me with post-partum depression and gave me an anti-depressant. Just keep a check on your symptoms and let your doctor know if they get bad.

    Again, I'm so happy for you that everything had turned out so good. Congratulations


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    So happy to hear from you and Landon and hubby. It will be great that you can all spend this valentine's day together!
    Have a wonderful day and spend it with those that you love the most. My hubby and I will be thinking of your family.

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    ... to all of you. I'm so glad that he is a good baby and that you are looking after your own health. He really is beautiful!!

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    You are blessed to have that cute one around the house now!!! Thanks for sharing the wonderful picture.

    My first and only baby was born exceptionally fast & easy---and please, Kate, believe me I'm NOT saying this to rub it in---but it happened almost too fast and unlike you, I don't remember a THING about it and I feel almost cheated. I had no drugs, so it wasn't that I was in a "haze" or anything, it just all happened unusually fast. I literally can't remember it. I know right now, your childbirth memories are too raw & painful, but as that fades, hopefully you'll still remember the good parts and actually HAVE memories of Landon coming into the world to meet you!

    Enjoy your first Valentine's Day with your son, and don't forget, your first Mother's Day is in 3 months.

    Thanks again for the lovely picture, glad he's home and doing well!


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    I just wanted to stop in and say congratulations. He's adorable. My son loved his picture :).

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