OT a poem about fibrofog

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    You begin to speak to someone,

    and then you suddenly freeze.

    Were you asking them a question?

    The thought slipped out with ease.

    You quickly try to change the subject,

    this isn’t very hard to do,

    it happens all the time now,

    those thoughts once there, now flew.

    Again you start a sentence,

    afresh and with new hope,

    that you can get through this one,

    you’re learning how to cope.

    Your friends, know how to listen,

    quite closely and intense,

    because they never really know,

    if this time you’ll make sense.

    They love you, so they patiently wait,

    for you to gather thoughts,

    but now you start a subject,

    and your talking about dots?

    They don’t know what to make of it,

    and try to stay with you.

    They’re now confused and baffled,

    and don’t know what to do!

    The conversation goes like this:

    How are you doing today?

    You say, “I’m really not quite sure,

    What did you ask?” I say.

    I know it’s just my fibro fog,

    that comes and goes each day.

    Lord, help me keep my thoughts intact,

    for once, to thee I pray.

    By: Carol Ann Aguilar

    for my sister, Linda

    June 21, 2006

    All glory and honor to God!

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  3. lovethesun

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    I'm glad that you like it.Linda
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    Your sister hit the nail on the head! Too funny...

    May I send a copy to my cousin who also has fibro?

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    That is so neat that your sister loves you that much!

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    Thanks for sharing! We should write one about forgetting what are family members do for a living and where they live. ;) I still get a little embarrassed about that!
    ((xx)) Shannon
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    Thanks for all the positive comments everybody.I will tell my sister.Beth,go ahead and send it to your cousin.Just leave the credits on for my sister.Linda
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    for more readers
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    I do hope anyone who copies it will give Carol Ann the credit for her poem.

    Linda, you could post Carol Ann's religious poem on the Worship board here too.

  12. lovethesun

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