ot,about dogs and rescue :(

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  1. smiffy79

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    a wise woman once told me becareful who you trust in dog rescue there are some funny ppl out there.

    i didnt want to believe that althought of course she was speaking from experience,so i set about trying to set up links to other rescues as we are after all trying to do the same thing.
    some rescues thought this was a great idea and there are some strong links.

    today ive come under fire because we do things differently.we dont kennel we work home to home,we dont charge an adoption fee we ask that the new home neuter instead so the dog can recover with his new family but we do frontline and wrom any dogs with us.
    i dont know,its never the dogs that bring me down its the ppl and its worse when its ppl that are supposed to be on the same side.
    because they think our methods are too different they would rather the dogs in pounds get put to sleep than let us home them and i think that is too sick!

    sorry for the pity party but its too sad for me and im feeling down :(
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    Smiffy, how horrible THEIR rules are. I would love a rescue pet to come from a loving home situation than the pound.

    We have had successful adoptions with our county shelter. It is very nice, BUT, would rather have a beloved animal with a foster 'family' who cared about them.

    Recently, we rescued a dog, Howie, from a smaller county shelter. The woman loves animals, but it was horrid inside. They were wrong on most of the info regarding Howie... said he was two, he is eight at least, etc. They did not lie about him having heartworm. We were willing to deal with that.

    He is an AWESOME family member. We all adore him to pieces.
    For his sake, I wish he could have lived with a family until adoption.

    I hope things work out, Smiffy. I know how you love animals. They and those sweet animals are the losers...

    Gentle Hugs,


  3. puglover29

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    I have been doing rescue for way too many years and I always say it's the people who bring it down, not the dogs. It's hard because we put our hearts and souls into this, and obviuosly are passioante about or we wouldn't do it. So, when things go wrong we take it extremely bad.

    I do pug rescue now after volunteering at a shelter for many years. Now the Dept of Agriculture (who all rescues and shelters are governed by here in GA) is making more rules and stipulations and gobs and gobs of paperwork trying to make rescue hard. It's just soooooo frustrating!

    I actually had to back of on a lot of the day-to-day rescue business as it stresses me out very badly, and we all know what stress does to fibro.

    So, I hear ya! And, am with ya! I have learned over the years not every rescue is going to work the same as we do, but as long as what they do is good for the dog and doesn't contribute to the overpopulation problem, let them do it.

    Atlanta, GA
  4. Dee50

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    Hi Smiffy,
    Please remember that anything worth doing is not going to be easy. Please look at all the good you are doing. You took on a big, big project to set up all the links :) I believe in the long run that all the rescue links to each other will be very postive deal. But it seems you'll always have one or two folks that wish to make waves. You've made yourself a leader and now you and your rescue will be an exsample. Look at all the good things new folks will pick up and learn from you and your rescue! Be proud of yourself and hold your head up high. Bottom line YOU are making a stand for all to see:) Sorry folks are sitting in judgment of you and your ways not everyone can work with other people. Please don't let those folks get to you!! Just move on :)

    Take care,
  5. sofy

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    no matter what you are doing someone else always has a better way - THEIRS!!!

    Just take it for whats it worth and keep on doing what your doing. If they say something to you just smile and thank them for their input and tell them you will consider it but in the end you have to do what you think is best just as they have to.

    If you get defensive then you just open the door for them to tell you all the reasons you are wrong.

    You can also mention something about how nice it is that even tho you might not completely agree on procedures that in the end you have the same goal. TO rescue the animal

    Keep up the caring work
  6. smiffy79

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    cheers guys
    ive made a point to them about 'small minds',bit cheeky but id had enough.
    i think we can only take so much of a bashing before we cant take it anymore.

    i wish i was a leader lol,i thought it was a good idea and thankfully so did a few others but your right there will always be the few that cant see the end of their nose.

    i have a key ring that says the more ppl i meet the more i like my dog and today i was reminded of that statement,what hurt was the fact it was ppl who are working toward the same goal that reminded me.

    thanks again :)