OT...??? about Running Fevers ???? Help*

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    BLUEROSE7 New Member

    This is not for or about me...but for my good friends mom.

    Just wondering if any of you may have any thoughts or ideas on what this could be...

    My friends mother runs fevers all the time ranging around 101 to 103...causeing her to need to lay down and she has lost alot of weight from lack of appettie due to these fevers she is having...

    She has been having them for years, but they seem to be coming more frequent and lasting longer.

    The only symptoms she has is the Fever, feeling drianed, no appettie...No other symptoms..

    She has seen several doctors and no one can tell her why or what this is...So, just wondering if anyone may have any thoughts or ideas on what may be happening..

    Doctors have ask her has she been out of the country etc.. She has never been out of the country...It's almost like a mystery here...I feel so bad fot her!!

    Any thoughts, advice, sujestions would be greatly appericated!!


    BLUEROSE7 New Member

    I do know she drinks lots of water to avoid dehydration.

    I'm not sure about all the test they have run...but have been told they have run about every test under the sun...I'm going to copy and hold on to all suggestions you mentioned and go over them with her...to make sure she has had all these test.

    Again thank you!! I feel sooooo bad for her, this is really bringing her down and she has no idea why she is having these fevers....seems no one can give her any answers.

    I have tried to search on the net for answers as to what she could have or be going on to be having these fevers...not having alot of luck there...because she dosen't show signs of many other symptoms then the fever itself.

    Any other thoughts and suggestions will be greatly apperciated and passed on to her!!


    BLUEROSE7 New Member

    Keeping and coping all suggestions to go over with her!!

  4. russiankids3

    russiankids3 New Member

    constantly-usually between 99.5 -- 100.5. I am told that this is happening because I am in the severe fourth stage of chronic kidney disease. This is the stage before dialysis and /or transplant.

    Please ask your friend if she has had her kidney function checked out recently. Or she may have a bladder or kidney infection that so far is causing her no symptoms other than the fever.

  5. Lolalee

    Lolalee New Member

    A low-grade fever is one symptom of Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction.

    BLUEROSE7 New Member

    Going to pass this on to my friends mother!!

  7. maggiemae55

    maggiemae55 New Member

    every day, between 99 and 100.3. I have FMS and CFIDS. No ryhme or reason.

    With the weight loss, what about cancer?



    BLUEROSE7 New Member

    You know this is what scares me....about a year and half ago...she was told she had cancer...

    with surgery they went in and couldn't find nothing!!

    Run more test and come back no cancer after first telling her she did have cancer....they even sent her test etc.. off to other specialist...said no cancer...the doctors could not explain it..

    She has sence then had test after test...like I was saying these fevers are a mystery....very scary!

    Thanks All

    BLUEROSE7 New Member

    I agree there shouldn't be no guessing!! I'm keeping all info suggested here to print off...to give to my friends mother...I know as far as the bad teeth...she has no teeth..lol...so can't be that.....She will be turning 70 in a few months and I just feel so bad for here...

    She can't seem to get a answer from any docs about these fevers she continues to have....I personally have expressed to her I think she needs to see someone else out of town that she hasen't seen....maybe at Duke!!

    I will be sure she reads your post about fibroid tumors...Now that I think about it....I believe she has had pneumonia several or more times...

    Thanks Nanna for all your help & advice....your always a big help and a Blessing to us all....

    ((((BIG HUGS))))

    BLUEROSE7 New Member

    Hun...you are a Blessing....Nothing to debate there....

    You are a kind....sweetheart and a blessing to us all..

    Hope you see this...I haven't been on this week

    ((((BIG HUGS))))
  11. jane32

    jane32 New Member

    I have had fevers high like the ones you are talkign about for 11 months. I was checked for everything-copies of my bloodwork was 3 inches thick!!! I also had a Ct scan and MRI of every organ in my body. The Drs. could not explain it and all 22 of them were not concerned! I was gfinally diagnosed with CFS in the fall by the FFC and a cardiologist. My only other symptom is that I am fatigued and some sleep disturbances. One of my friends ran fevers and they were due to fibroid tumors I rather have that then CFS.

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