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  1. kjfms

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    This is a good place to check for interactions and information on herbs -- just click on the herb you need information on:


    Also check out this interactive site for prescription, over-the-counter, and herbals:


    I edited this because I failed to describe the drugdigest site above fully it is really good!!!!

    Check it out it is interactive -- you can click on an OTC, an Rx, and even an herbal and get any interaction at one time -- saving yourself a lot of time.


    Karen :)
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  2. suz45

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    Thanks karen:

    Theses sites certainly can come in handy for all of use.

    Thanks again,

  3. webintrig

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    Thanks so much for this info. I really can use this.

    {{{{Karen}}} I needed this!!!

    I am turning cyber cartwheels...

  4. IntuneJune

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    Thank you, good to know!!!!

  5. webintrig

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    Do you remember the dust bunny under the bed in the cartoons on TV or show. They called him Mr. Bumpity...

    Well, that is what I think about when I see the word bump but of course my all time favorite is the dance called "The BumP"!!! Starting from the top for ya!
  6. kjfms

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    Suz45, webintrig, Nancy, and June thanks for taking time to read and check these out.

    webrintrig -- I don't remember that but sounds funny. I do however remember dancing the Bump...LOL

    Thanks to all,

    Karen :)
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  9. spacee

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    I have attented a couple of herbalist meetings. The woman insists that herbs are "just food" and there will be NO interaction....gee, why am I not "believing" this. :)



    PS Wrote the sites down.
  10. kjfms

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    I am sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner. I have been working and have been sick to boot...sigh

    Well I hate to call anyone an idiot but that woman is an idiot IMHO :)

    Anyone who thinks like that needs a little basic education don't you think?

    People like this scare me because they are not only ignorant they are dangerous.

    I am very glad that people on this board are smarter!!!

    So glad you found the sites useful and I am very glad you did not believe her.

    Take care,

    Karen :)
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  11. hugs4evry1

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    I put it under my favorites so I can take a look at it later.


    Nancy B.
  12. kjfms

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    Nancy B -- for bookmarking it I think you will like these.

    Georgia -- so glad you checked with your physician good for you.

    Karen :)
  13. wish_to_be_healthy

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    Great stuff...Thanks Karen,

  14. Marta608

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  15. kat-E

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    Thanks for the info... The drug digest is a good site. I was disappointed tho' by Herbmed charging a daily fee to research certain herbs. If you run across any other free sites, please keep us informed.
  16. darude

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    Please check out this video and let me know what you think. See my post


  17. kjfms

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